Coronation Street spoilers: Elaine believes Stephen Reid’s sickening lies!

Stephen Reid plays a cruel trick on Elaine
Stephen Reid plays a cruel trick on Elaine (Image credit: ITV)

Stephen Reid convinces Elaine that they are kindred spirits in tonight’s episode of Coronation Street — see our TV Guide for full listings.

A sly Stephen Reid plays a cruel trick on Elaine, sending an abusive text to his own phone but making it look like it came from Gabrielle. When Elaine suggests that Gabrielle is gaslighting him, Stephen makes out it’s only what he deserves. A sympathetic Elaine tells him that she too was in an abusive relationship and she wants to help him. Will poor Elaine offer him the money he needs to get out of his predicament?

A furious Alya walks over and confronts Griff over his racist comments and threatens to call his employer but a seething Griff warns her that she’ll regret it if she does. Is Alya in danger from Griff and his racist pals?

Griff threatens Alya.

Griff threatens Alya. (Image credit: ITV)

Fiz asks Chesney to hide the bag of John Stape things at their house and Gemma stuffs the bag in a cupboard. Hope suggests to Joseph and Sam they hold a séance to contact her Dad. As the séance takes place, Joseph reaches into a cupboard for some biscuits and the jiffy bag falls out. As the contents spill out, Hope, Joseph and Sam stare at the photos of John Stape, completely freaked out..

Hope is desperate to contact her dad.

Hope is desperate to contact her dad. (Image credit: ITV)

Sally calls a truce, promising Tim she’ll never mention his friendship with Aggie again if he promises to forget about his jacket.

Coronation Street continues on Thursday, December 8 OR one day the following week due to football fixtures. To be confirmed after the final group stage match on Friday 2 December.

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