Coronation Street spoilers: Jealous Adam Barlow LASHES OUT!

Adam Barlow tracks Sarah down.
Adam Barlow tracks Sarah down. (Image credit: ITV)

Adam Barlow can’t bring himself to trust Sarah in in tonight’s episode of Coronation Street at 8.00pm (see our TV Guide for full listings).

Adam Barlow admits to Daniel that much as he loves Sarah, he’s struggling to trust her and doesn’t like her spending so much time with Owen. 

He calls at the factory with lunch, but when he finds out that she’s at the Chariot Square Hotel with Owen, he’s hard put to contain his anxiety. In the hotel bar, Adam heads over spoiling for a fight. 

Adam talks to Daniel about his relationship.

Adam talks to Daniel about his relationship. (Image credit: ITV)

Daniel and Michael drop Bertie and Glory at No.5 for the day. As they leave, an exhausted Gemma surveys the room full of kids, wondering how she’s going to cope. Having heard about the antidepressants from Chesney, Bernie offers to help for an hour while Gemma goes to the café. But when Beth tears a strip off her for slacking, she rushes home, fighting back tears. 

While she briefly closes her eyes, Bertie empties her bag and finds the pack of antidepressants. As Daniel and Daisy arrive they’re unimpressed to find Gemma asleep on the sofa, then all horrified as they realise that Bertie has eaten the tablets!

Will Bertie be okay? 

Gemma falls asleep on the job.

Gemma falls asleep on the job. (Image credit: ITV)

Stephen tells Dr Gaddas he’s worried Elaine is depressed, she refuses to seek help and might do something drastic. He also plants the seed in Sally’s head. Later, Sally tells Tim that Stephen’s worried Elaine might be suffering from depression brought on by all the recent conflict and urges him to change his attitude for his Mum’s sake. 

Stephen tells Dr Gaddas about his 'concerns' for Elaine

Stephen tells Dr Gaddas about his 'concerns' for Elaine. (Image credit: ITV)

Leanne agrees Ryan can work behind the scenes till he feels more confident and suggests he starts by sorting out a new wine contract. He’s soon flirting with the supplier Rose on the phone in a bid to obtain a good deal. But when Rose reveals she’s checked out his socials and wonders if he’s still single, he’s thrown, especially when Leanne thanks him for securing such a great deal and reveals Rose is going to call in!

Can Billy and Paul put recent events behind them?

Coronation Street continues on Monday at 8pm.

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