‘Coronation Street’ spoilers: Lily Platt chokes on a lolly!

Can Sam save Lily Platt when she starts choking?
Can Sam save Lily when she starts choking? (Image credit: ITV)

In tonight’s first episode of Coronation Street (7.30pm see our TV Guide for full listings) Sam watches in stunned silence as Lily Platt chokes on a lollypop...

Nick confides in David that he’s hoping to reignite Sam’s interest in his telescope. Max suggests that he and Lily Platt could join him and, at the sight of his telescope, Sam’s face lights up. But when Nick reveals that Max and Lily will be joining them, Sam’s smile fades. 

Max puts the finishing touches to his film and uploads it onto his social media. In the cafe, a horrified Summer, together with Roy and Nina, watches Max’s film; a documentary of the night of the sewer collapse, suggesting a conspiracy theory linking Johnny and Natasha’s deaths. 

Summer rails at Max, demanding he takes down his terrible video for Sam’s sake if nothing else. 

Meanwhile, Lily locks Sam out on the balcony and dangling the key in front of him, she sucks on a lollipop and taunts him through the glass door. Suddenly the lollipop comes away from the stick causing Lily to choke!

Will Sam find his voice and call for help?

Lily starts choking after teasing Sam.

Lily starts choking after teasing Sam. (Image credit: ITV)

Debbie visits Ray in prison and tells him that unless he pleads guilty to sexually assaulting Faye, she’s going to report him to the police for the death of Johnny Connor.

Debbie delves into Ray's past for Faye.

Debbie delves into Ray's past for Faye. (Image credit: ITV)

Daisy and Daniel tell Jenny that they’ve broken up. Meanwhile, Stu comes across Kelly scavenging for food and offers to show her where she can get a decent meal for free.

Stu has some advice for a desperate Kelly.

Stu has some advice for a desperate Kelly. (Image credit: ITV)

Roy calls Sally, Maria, and Nina together and after showing them Max’s awful video, suggests they need to do something positive for the community by reinstating the Christmas Market and giving a portion of the proceeds to a charity. 

How will his idea be received?

Coronation Street continues tonight at 8.30pm.

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