Coronation Street spoilers: Roy cropper in heart attack tragedy

Roy Cropper needs emergency treatment.
Roy Cropper needs emergency treatment. (Image credit: ITV)

Roy Cropper collapses after being confronted by a gang of youths in tonight’s episode of Coronation Street at 8.00pm. See our TV Guide for full listings.

As Roy Cropper heads out of the cafe to take some homemade soup to Shona, he is confronted by a gang of yobs calling him names and he stumbles to the floor. Carla rushes to his aid but it’s clear he is in pain. When Shona admits she was never ill, Roy sends her and Evelyn packing. 

Shona is telling Nina what happened when an ambulance rounds the corner and the pair rush into the cafe to find Roy being given CPR. 

Later, in the hospital, a visitor appears at Roy’s bedside - but who is it?

Roy is confronted by a gang of yobs.

Roy is confronted by a gang of yobs. (Image credit: ITV)

Maria is stunned to get a letter saying Mason is due to be released from prison. She heads to the police station to ask some questions, unaware that Gary is there with Sarah providing his bank statements. 

As Gary comes out of the interview room, Maria demands to know what is going on. Will he come clean? 

Maria wants answers from Gary.

Maria wants answers from Gary. (Image credit: ITV)

Leanne tells Nick she is going to spend the day looking after Toyah but when Rowan calls asking her to attend the taster session for new recruits, Toyah offers to go with her. What is she up to? As they arrive at the Chariot Square Hotel for the new recruits session, Leanne is delighted to see Amy amongst the attendees.

Craig confides in Beth that he’s worried he’s made an enemy of Kit and tells her about the shoplifting incident with Gemma. In the factory, Betsy suggests to Carla she might like to employ her full time but Carla gives her short shrift and Betsy’s stung. 

Coronation Street continues on Tuesday 9th July OR Wednesday 10th July due to the Women's Euro 2024 qualifier.

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