Coronation Street spoilers: Tim Metcalfe punches Ronnie!

Tim Metcalfe loses his cool.
Tim Metcalfe loses his cool. (Image credit: ITV)

Tim Metcalfe jumps to conclusions and assaults Ronnie in Friday's hour-long episode of Coronation Street (8.00pm see our TV Guide for full listings). 

Steve shows Tim Metcalfe and Dev his new doorbell camera app, while Sally and Ronnie pass by No.1. When Tim hears Ronnie telling Sally that he’s sorry her romantic getaway was such a flop, he leaps to the wrong conclusion and punches Ronnie in the face. But what will he do if he finds out it was all a misunderstanding?

Tim thinks Ronnie knows his secret.

Tim thinks Ronnie knows his secret. (Image credit: ITV)

Daniel tells Mrs Crawshaw that he doesn’t think he’s cut out for teaching and later, in the Rovers, he reveals that he’s decided to jack in his job. David reckons it’s the best news he’s heard in ages. 

In the flat, Daniel tells Nicky about how he doesn’t deserve to be a teacher but when Nicky suggests they could have a future together, how will Daniel react?

Tyrone is intrigued when he spots Phill in Victoria Garden handing a bloke a large envelope, aware that he is meant to be in Leeds...  

Tyrone is suspicious when he spots Phill.

Tyrone is suspicious when he spots Phill. (Image credit: ITV)

Amy and Jacob worry about their broken boiler and where they’re going to get a shower. Mary realises she’s left Tracy’s order book at home so Jacob offers to pick it up for her. Eileen returns home and she's shocked to find Jacob wearing only a towel having just had a shower. As she screams and threatens to call the police, how will Jacob get out of this one?

Putting their differences aside for once, Eileen and Gail place flowers by the Arena memorial bench to pay their respects and mark the 5th anniversary of so many lives lost. 

Coronation Street continues on Monday at 7.30pm.

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