Coronation Street spoilers: Tyrone Dobbs proposes to Fiz!

Tyrone Dobbs puts a ring on it!
Tyrone Dobbs puts a ring on it! (Image credit: ITV)

Tyrone Dobbs gets down on one knee in tonight’s episode of Coronation Street  — see our TV Guide for full listings. 

Hope returns to school following her suspension, but it’s awkward when the school counsellor quizzes Tyrone Dobbs and Fiz about their family background. Deciding it’s time he put a ring on it, Tyrone gets down on one knee and proposes. As Fiz and Tyrone celebrate their engagement, they’re interrupted by the arrival of the journalist who wrote the John Stape book. Apologising, he hands Fiz a bag, explaining it contains all his research and he wants her to have it so that it never falls into the wrong hands. 

Will Tyrone get the answer he's hoping for?

Will Tyrone get the answer he's hoping for? (Image credit: ITV)

Tim’s intrigued to watch Stephen and Elaine enter the café. As Elaine reassures him that Stephen is nothing like Geoff and is as honest as the day is long, Stephen retrieves his phone. Lying to Audrey and Gail, he makes out he had one too many, fell on his arm and crashed at a friend’s for the night. Having googled Six Fellas, Gail confronts Stephen about the call from his boss. Can he lie his way out of this one? 

Tim quizzes Stephen about his intentions towards Elaine, explaining what a terrible time she had with Geoff and how he used to control her. 

Meanwhile, Sarah’s gutted after her meeting with a potential investor, explaining she messed things up. Having told them how great her proposal is, Gail and Audrey put pressure on Stephen to invest the £10k Sarah needs. On the spot once more what will Stephen say? 

Stephen is caught out?

Stephen is caught out? (Image credit: ITV)

After discovering that nearly all the signatures on the petition were from fake accounts, Maria addresses the Christmas market committee, sharing her plan to rename it a Winter Market and support the refugee centre. Councillor Cameron objects but Maria overrules, leaving him seething.

Maria pulls rank!

Maria pulls rank! (Image credit: ITV)

With Steve and Tim still at each other’s throats about the scratch card, Eileen’s at her wits end. Steering them into the solicitors’ office she instructs Adam to mediate and sort this out once and for all.

At Dylan’s suggestion, Sean invites Laurence to join them for Christmas at No.11. Todd paints on a smile, but George clocks his discomfort. Will he realise there’s more going on here?

Coronation Street continues on Wednesday, December 7 2022 OR Thursday, December 8 depending on football fixtures. To be confirmed after the final group stage match on Friday 2 December.

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