Doctors spoilers: Al Haskey is at the centre of vaccine CONSPIRACY THEORIES!

Doctors spoilers, Simon Richeson
Al Haskey feels the heat when he comes face-to-face with angry parent Simon Richeson again on Doctors... (Image credit: BBC)

Al Haskey (played by Ian Midlane) is not looking forward to facing the music at a community meeting on today's episode of Doctors (1:45pm - see our TV Guide for listings).

As the negative publicity surrounding The Mill and vaccinations continues, Zara Carmichael (Elisabeth Dermot Walsh) warns Al not to ruffle any feathers at the meeting and make things worse.

Al still stands-by his decision to help Dawn Richeson (Katy Sobey) vaccinate her baby, Noah.

But Dawn's now estranged husband, Simon (Christopher Harper), is still furious that the GP went against his wishes and vaccinated Noah.

At the meeting, Al comes face-to-face with anti-vaxxers including Simon, Ceri Chapman (Jennifer Nicholas) and Ivan Woodhouse (James Duke).

Ivan claims the vaccines contain chips to control the masses.

It's not long before Al loses his cool and the debate gets heated...

Doctors spoilers, Al Haskey

Al states his case about vaccinations at a community meeting on Doctors. (Image credit: BBC)

Doctors spoilers, Ivan Woodhouse

Anti-vaxxer Ivan clashes with Al on today's episode of Doctors... (Image credit: BBC)

Back at The Mill, Valerie Pitman (Sarah Moyle) and Karen Hollins (Jan Pearson) wonder why Scarlett Kiernan (Kia Pegg) is only having a slimming shake for lunch.

Isn't she hungry?

Scarlett continues to cover-up the truth about her money troubles.

However, are her problems about to be solved?

On her way home, Scarlett bumps into her dad, Brian (Simon Lowe), carrying shopping bags.

But wait, how did Brian afford to buy all this food when they are running so tight on money?

Doctors spoilers, Arjan Jhutti

What kind of secret business has Arjan got involved with on Doctors? (Image credit: BBC)

Elsewhere, Emma Reid (Dido Miles) has an appointment to see Shivani Jhutti (Sharan Phull) and her husband, Arjan (Cael King).

The couple are ready to sign documents for IVF treatment.

But at the last moment, Arjan gets a MYSTERY phone call and slips off to meet a woman, Marsha Kelly (Sianad Gregory).

WHAT is going on between Arjan and Marsha?

And WHY is he so worried about the hold-up with some "goods"?

Doctors spoilers, Marsha Kelly

WHAT is shady lady Marsha up to on Doctors? (Image credit: BBC)

Doctors spoilers, Shivani Jhutti

Shivani wants to start IVF treatment on Doctors. (Image credit: BBC)

Doctors continues Monday to Friday at 1:45pm on BBC One. 

All the latest episodes are also available to stream through BBC iPlayer

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