Doctors spoilers: WHO catches Izzie Torres with her SECRET boyfriend?

Doctors spoilers, Izzie Torres, Lee Blackwell
Izzie Torres has some explaining to do when she's caught with her mystery boyfriend, Lee, on Doctors... (Image credit: BBC)

Izzie Torres (played by Bethan Moore) has been clashing with her dad, Daniel Granger (Matthew Chambers) since she returned to Letherbridge to live with Daniel full-time on Doctors (2:15pm - see our TV Guide for listings).

Daniel is keeping a watchful eye on Izzie, after she recently got drunk and stayed out all night.

But on the second episode of today's DOUBLE-BILL of the BBC daytime drama, Daniel makes another startling discovery about his teenage daughter...

After forgetting his laptop, Daniel pops home at lunchtime to get his computer.

But as he enters the house, he hears music and laughter coming from the living room...

It appears Izzie has bunked off school and is getting cosy with teenager, Lee Blackwell (Kieran Boon) on the sofa!

It all kicks-off between dad and daughter, as Daniel orders Lee out of the house and confiscates Izzie's phone.

Back at The Mill, Daniel's partner, Zara Carmichael (Elisabeth Dermot Walsh) is not happy to hear about the latest blow-up between him and Izzie.

WHAT advice will Zara give Daniel on how to get back on track with Izzie, and restore some peace and quiet to the Granger-Carmichael household?

Doctors spoilers, Daniel Granger, Zara Carmichael

Daniel is alarmed after catching Izzie with SECRET boyfriend, Lee on Doctors... (Image credit: BBC)

At the Campus Surgery, Emma Reid (Dido Miles) meets an anxious university student, Ty Martin (Patrick Dineen).

Ty is struggling to balance his double life of being both a boyfriend to an activist, Lara Greenfield (Jada-Li Warrican), and the son to a corrupt politician, Fiona Martin (Kate Kordel)!

During their consultation, Emma notices Ty's phone repeatedly ringing.

WHO is calling him?

Emma suggests that the constant phone calls are not helping Ty's stress levels or anxiety.

Ty is quick to change the subject and just wants a quick fix for his mental health problems.

Doctors spoilers, Ty Martin

Ty is under pressure leading a double life on Doctors. (Image credit: BBC)

Doctors spoilers, Lara Greenfield

Will Lara discover the true identity of boyfriend Ty's mum on Doctors? (Image credit: BBC)

Later, Ty's mum catches up with him and he is angry to discover that she has been tracking his phone.

But Ty is left reeling when Fiona confesses to some SHOCK past dodgy dealings, and fears the details are about to be exposed in a newspaper article...

WHAT has politician Fiona done?

And could Ty somehow be implicated?

Meanwhile, Lara is puzzled by Ty's mysterious behaviour.

Will he come clean that he was at the Campus Surgery seeking help for his stress and anxiety... and finally reveal the truth about WHO his mum really is?

Doctors spoilers, Fiona Martin

Ty's mum Fiona has been involved in some dodgy dealings on Doctors... (Image credit: BBC)

Doctors continues Monday to Friday at 1:45pm on BBC One. 

All the latest episodes are also available to stream through BBC iPlayer

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