EastEnders spoilers: Emma Harding abandons Lola — AGAIN!

Emma Harding flees the Square
Emma Harding does a runner from the Square! (Image credit: BBC)

Emma Harding's buttons are pushed by Lola and Lexi's questions in Monday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Emma Harding makes an unannounced appearance in the Square on Mother's Day. Although she's come to see daughter Lola Pearce, her arrival causes ructions with granddaughter Lexi Pearce...

Lexi has Mother's Day all planned out, wanting to make it really special for Lola. When Emma interferes with everything that Lexi wants to do, her frustration bubbles over.

Lashing out, Lexi makes it quite clear that she wanted a special day with just her and her mum, and not Emma!

Realising that she's gone too far, a guilty Emma apologises and tells Lola she'll leave her and Lexi in peace. Not wanting Emma to feel pushed out, Lola encourages Emma to stay, saying she'll have a word with Lexi.

But things are about to take a shocking turn, when Emma gets triggered after her past is brought up. Lola is stunned as her mum gathers up her things and runs from the house.

After her granddad Billy Mitchell tracked the long-lost Emma down, Lola thought she'd finally have a mother. 

But has Lola lost Emma for good this time?

Zack Hudson visits Whitney Dean

Zack Hudson has something big to tell Whitney Dean! (Image credit: BBC)

Zack Hudson has done his best to be a better man ever since tragically losing his unborn daughter with Whitney Dean.

Dealing with his his own personal struggles and troubled past, he's not sure how to be around Whitney, who is lost in a world of grief. 

Seeing he's not coping, Martin Fowler and Sharon Watts encourage him to be there for Whitney, as she's both emotionally and physically in turmoil.

Martin shares the story of former Walford residents Kush Kazemi and Shabnam Masood, who planted a tree for their baby Zaair after he was stillborn. Zack is inspired by Martin's words and he visits Whitney to talk to her about a plan he has in mind. 

Still in a state of shock, Whitney refuses to go to the ceremony he's arranged for their baby.  But after her best friend Chelsea Fox gently encourages her to go, she gets up the courage to attend.

Zack is happy to see her there and after the ceremony the pair grieve together alone. The emotion of the day gets to Whitney and she leans in for a tender kiss!

He initially responds, but mindful of his secret HIV diagnosis, he pulls away, leaving Whitney mortified and rejected.

Although he can see how upset Whitney is, Zack can't find the words to tell her about his health condition.

Denise Fox is worried about Chelsea Fox

Denise Fox is concerned about Chelsea Fox's association with Ravi Gulati. (Image credit: BBC)

Ravi Gulati is determined to forge ahead with his plan to make a show of flirting with Chelsea Fox in a bid to get what he really wants... 

He's banking on Chelsea's mum Denise Fox getting into a panic once she sees he's getting involved with her daughter. 

With Denise's own secret romantic entanglement with Ravi threatening to derail her marriage, she wants Chelsea to have nothing to do with the smooth criminal.

After finding out that a major police investigation is underway, Ravi is determined to keep ahead of the law. 

He realises that the best way to find out exactly what copper Jack Branning knows about his dodgy dealings is to get close to his family and if Jack's wife Denise isn't his in, then Chelsea is! 

Despite Ravi's best flirting technique, Chelsea turns down his offer of a drink but it's clear that she's flattered.

Ravi knows that it's only a matter of time before Chelsea falls for his flirting and he'll be able to get what he needs.

Rocky Cotton and Freddie Slater have a secret

Freddie Slater and Rocky Cotton have been keeping their new business venture a secret. (Image credit: BBC)

Also, Rocky Cotton is alarmed when it seems that Freddie Slater may spill the beans about the very unusual way they've been making money!

EastEnders continues on BBC One on Tuesday at 7:30 pm.