EastEnders spoilers: Has Dotty Cotton put Shirley in danger?

Dotty Cotton does a mission for Shirley Carter
Dotty Cotton plots after Sam Mitchell gives her the keys to the club (Image credit: BBC)

Dotty Cotton helps Shirley Carter get revenge on the Mitchells but Shirley is in danger in Monday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Dotty Cotton has had a tricky relationship with the club ever since Sam Mitchell tried to fire her. With preparations full steam ahead for the reopening as 'Peggy's', Kat Slater and Sharon Watts are determined the first night will go to plan.

Sam Mitchell, however, can't help but meddle even though she's been sacked as manager. When she starts ordering the staff around, Kat and Sharon give Sam a huge list of issues to sort in the hopes of keeping her busy.

With the time ticking on, Sam gives Dotty the keys to the club as she heads home to get ready. A scheming Dotty hands the keys straight to Shirley Carter and tells her the coast is clear...

Confident that everything is ready for a very grand opening, Sharon and Kat head to the club but are horrified by what they discover...

Shirley has trashed the club for payback for all the times the Mitchells have hurt her family! 

A stunned Kat and Sharon are fuming as Shirley promises that she's only just getting started with her vendetta.

But things take a horrifying turn when two men burst into the club with gun. As Kat, Sharon are confronted by them and Shirley takes cover a shot rings out...

Ash Panesar takes a phone call.

Ash Panesar learns some disappointing news. (Image credit: BBC)

Ash Panesar is frustrated that her mum Suki Panesar is trying to run her life yet again after telling her she's got a job for her in the new GP surgery. Ash is determined to leave Walford, however, as she's got a job in Canada.

Suki meets up with Nina to discuss finding Ash a job. When she finds out that Nina is dating Ranveer Gulati she's even more determined to get Ash to work there.

A devastated Ash learns that her job in Canada has fallen through. When Suki gets home she tries to bribe Ash into taking the GP surgery job by offering her a new car!

Stuart Highway eavesdrops

Stuart Highway realises he needs to leave Rainie Highway. (Image credit: BBC)

Bernie Taylor has had a change of heart about Roland's care after some wise words from Dotty Cotton.

Rainie is delighted when Bernie reveals she can take Roland back but she hits her with a shock ultimatum. Bernie insists that if Rainie is to have the baby she must leave hubby Stuart Highway!

Stuart is listening in on their conversation and to ensure Rainie keeps hold of her dream to be a mum, he tells her that their marriage is over.

Also, Kim Fox encourages Howie Danes to do a Grime act for Lily Slater's birthday party but things don't go to plan!

EastEnders continues on BBC Two during Wimbledon on Tuesday at 7:30 pm