EastEnders spoilers: Janine Butcher wedding day HORROR!

Janine Butcher waits at the register office
Janine Butcher fears she could be left at the altar. (Image credit: BBC)

Janine Butcher may find herself a jilted bride in Thursday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings)

Janine Butcher wakes up on the morning of her wedding to Mick Carter excited for the day ahead. She's hopeful that she's finally about to bag her man and get him away from his meddling ex Linda Carter!

But it looks like there's going to be trouble looming to spoil the day... 

Janine's prospective mother-in-law Shirley Carter can't bear Janine and is determined to do anything she can to stop the nuptials!

As Mick gets ready for the wedding, he asks his family to get out of his hair so he can make some final touches alone.

Linda interrupts Mick as he contemplates the day ahead. Although she's been putting on a brave face about his wedding to Janine, she can see that there may be a glimmer of hope that he still loves her. 

He is stunned when she gives him a final way to get out of marrying Janine...

Meanwhile, a pregnant Janine is looking resplendent in her wedding gown as she waits for Mick at the register office.

Will he finally put a ring on her finger or will her worst nightmare come true and she'll be jilted at the altar?

Denzel Danes has a surprise for Amy Mitchell

Denzel Danes surprises Amy Mitchell with the perfect gift. (Image credit: BBC)

Denzel Danes is completely skint but he sweetly wants to get Amy Mitchell a Christmas present. When Patrick Trueman suggests going old school and doing her 'mix tape', teenager Denzel can't quite get his head around what Patrick means!

But as he listens to Patrick's tales of how girls throughout the years have been delighted by the classic romantic offering, Denzel is soon persuaded.

It turns out Patrick was perfectly right and after putting together a playlist for Amy, Denzel is chuffed when she's thrilled by his touching gift.

Denzel's dad Howie Danes is pleased to see Denzel in such a good mood and mentions it to Patrick. He's left with food for thought when Patrick reveals that it was all down to his good advice.

Lola Pearce and Lexi Pearce are at the carol concert

Lola Pearce makes a big decision. (Image credit: BBC)

Cancer patient Lola Pearce has been feeling devastated ever since her hair came out in front of daughter Lexi Pearce. 

With the effects of the chemo treatment for Lola's aggressive brain tumour now making things very real, she was left feeling completely hopeless.

After boyfriend Jay Brown comforts her over her hair loss, he promises her that he'll always love her no matter what.

Given renewed hope by Jay's words, Lola makes a big decision. 

At the Christmas Carols fundraiser, she finds salon boss Denise Fox and says she wants to go back to work, vowing that she's not going to go down without a fight.

Also, Alfie Moon stands up to Phil Mitchell when he won't let Kat Slater's boys go to the carol concert. Meanwhile, Linda Carter makes a shock discovery when Zack Hudson reveals who will be coming for Christmas...

EastEnders continues on BBC One on Monday at 7:30 pm.