EastEnders spoilers: Kat Slater is stunned when Alfie arrives!

Kat Slater has a surprise visitor
Kat Slater gets an unwelcome surprise on her wedding day. (Image credit: BBC)

Kat Slater is in shock when Alfie Moon turns up on her doorstep in Monday's episode of EastEnders which will now air on BBC Two at 9 pm — see our TV Guide for full listings).

Kat Slater is looking forward to her wedding to Phil Mitchell. The day starts off with an unexpected surprise when Big Mo Harris jumps out of a giant wedding cake!

There are more surprises to come in the Square when the market traders throw a celebration for Kat and Phil, leaving them touched.

An excitable Kat soon finds her mood dampened when Shirley Carter decides to stick her oar in. After pointing out that a future with Phil might not end well, Kat is left full of doubts.

Sharing her worries with Stacey Slater, Kat brightens up when Stacey encourages her not to listen to Shirley. But trouble is not far away...

Sharon Watts visits Phil Mitchell

Sharon Watts tries to win back Phil Mitchell with a reminder of the past. (Image credit: BBC)

Sharon Watts has been struggling with her renewed feelings for her ex and with his nuptials pending, she decides that THEY should be together. She's going to do all she can to persuade Phil not to marry Kat.

Working up the courage to speak to him, she is given encouragement from brother Zack Hudson. 

After finding an old photo of her and Phil together, she hands it to him and points out that they were great together. Although she seems to have forgotten how disastrous a relationship they had over the years...

Her ploy is in vain, however, as Phil realises what she's up to and tells her in no uncertain terms that he's marrying Kat!

As a devastated Sharon reels from Phil's words, Zack thinks that it's game on and Phil has chosen Sharon. He lets slip to Kat, who is raging that Sharon is trying to steal her man!

Phil insists that he loves her and he wants to marry her, but Kat is determined to have it out with Sharon. After furiously confronting her the women have a war of words.

Meanwhile, Kat's sons Bert and Ernie Moon have been quietly meddling and when Tommy Moon finds out what they've been up to he is alarmed.

 As Tommy breaks the news to Phil, Kat opens her front door to none other than her ex-hubby Alfie Moon!

Jean Slater is not happy with Rocky Cotton

Jean Slater is NOT impressed with Rocky Cotton's 'wedding' car! (Image credit: BBC)

While Kat is dealing with her own drama, Rocky Cotton is also in a bit of pickle. He forgot to order a wedding car for Kat and Phil! 

Bobby Beale and Harvey Monroe help him find another one but it's last minute and it's not quite the kind of car a wedding requires...

Dotty Cotton helps Rocky put a bit of wedding sparkle on the car but when Jean Slater sees the car she's furious.

It seems like she's not going to have to look at the monstrosity for long, however, as newcomer Freddie Slater steals the car and Bobby Beale is in the back!

Also, Frankie Lewis works up the courage to talk to the police about her stalker with some encouragement from dad Mick Carter.

EastEnders continues on BBC One on Tuesday at 7:30 pm.