EastEnders spoilers: Whitney Dean is heartbroken!

Whitney Dean is shocked by Zack Hudson
Whitney Dean is secretly devastated by Zack Hudson's news. (Image credit: BBC)

Whitney Dean is sure it's over between her and Zack Hudson in Monday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Whitney Dean is struggling to hide her hurt after Zack Hudson's revelation that he's been offered a job cheffing on cruise ship. 

When she first fell pregnant with his baby following a short fling, Whit was fearful that he was too much of a player to commit to her or the baby.

Suffering from the fall out from his own broken childhood, Zack found it difficult to come to terms with being a dad. But when things got real he realised he wanted to be there for his baby.

Things seemed to be hotting up between them again after Christmas, when the pair spent a romantic evening together. But Zack's decision to leave the Square leaves poor Whitney in a muddle over her feelings for him.

When Zack checks to see if Whitney's sure she's okay for him to take the job, she puts her own feelings aside and tells him to go for it.

Whitney thinks that's what he really wants but could she be wrong?

Zack Hudson talks to Chelsea Fox

Zack Hudson is stunned by Chelsea's Fox's revelation. (Image credit: BBC)

Whitney's housemate Chelsea Fox is stunned when she learns that Zack's planning to abandon a pregnant Whitney. She insists that Whitney doesn't really want him to go, she's just trying to keep the peace.

Feeling like he's being judged unfairly, Zack points out he was only taking the job to get some money in the bank for the baby. After raging at Chelsea for interfering, he realises that she's right. 

After he's calmed down he calls the company and turns down the job offer.

When Whitney finds out he's staying, she's thrilled and Zack is pleased that he's made the right decision.

But their happiness is about to be shattered when an old friend of Zack's arrives...

What does the mysterious Brett want?

Ricky Mitchell and Sam Mitchell

Ricky Mitchell was stunned after his mum Sam Mitchell's return. (Image credit: BBC)

Ricky Mitchell has had a difficult 12 months after his absent mum Sam Mitchell returned out of the blue last spring. 

He found it difficult to forgive her for not being around for him. But with his home life also shattered by his sister Amy Mitchell's recent troubles, Ricky has felt he's had nowhere to turn.

Dad Jack Branning has been on the edge ever since Amy was rushed to hospital after self-harming and it's caused ruptures in his marriage to Denise Fox. With so much going on he's had little time for Ricky.

Fed up of always competing for Jack's attention, Ricky accuses his shocked dad of only being interested in Amy and not caring about him.

Later, Ricky tries to find out if his mum Sam Mitchell is considering a move to Germany with him now she's reunited with her ex Ricky Butcher.

Is Jack going to lose his son?

EastEnders continues on BBC One on Tuesday at 7:30 pm.