Emmerdale spoilers: Cain Dingle BONDS with sister Chas after Faith's heartbreaking decision

Emmerdale Chas and Cain Dingle
Chas and Cain have a heart to heart in Emmerdale. (Image credit: ITV)

Emmerdale's Cain Dingle has a heart-to-heart with his sister Chas Dingle in Thursday's hour-long episode (ITV, 7.30 pm see our TV Guide for full listings).

It's been a devastating time for the Dingle family after it was revealed that Faith's cancer had returned, but things were made even worse when Faith made the brave decision to no longer have treatment as the cancer had spread.

In a field, Cain is privately reeling from the news and his wife Moira Dingle tries to convince him to reach out to his mum before it's too late, knowing that he'll have regrets if he never does.

Soon enough, Cain asks Chas for a private chat and an emotional night occurs for the pair.

Meanwhile, Faith tells the devastating news to her close friends Pollard and Brenda.

Emmerdale Chas and Cain

Can Cain find it in his heart to forgive his mum? (Image credit: ITV)

An emotional and heartfelt night unravels as the three friends sit up late and Faith talks about all her regrets regarding Cain.

While alone with Chas, Cain opens up about his past trauma and the damage Faith caused him.

Chas realises Cain's real pain and the siblings bond as they reminisce through the night.

After the touching chat, Cain agrees to make an effort to bond with Faith and they leave on good terms.

However, has this made a difference to the tumultuous mother and son relationship?

Emmerdale Liam and Leyla

Will Leyla tell Liam about her addiction?  (Image credit: ITV)

Concerned about his wife Leyla Cavanagh's behaviour, Liam questions her again and she uses grief over Leanna Cavanagh as a cover for her secret drug taking.

However, Leyla is unaware that this has only fuelled Liam's worries and she panics when Liam suggests that he knows why she lied about drinking with Priya Kotecha the night before. He soon spills his thoughts, but what could it be?

Emmerdale Liam and Leyla

How will Liam react if he finds out the real reason Leyla's behaviour has been off?  (Image credit: ITV)

Later on, Leyla returns home to a sleeping Liam and places her bags of coke on the table, seemingly preparing herself to admit to her drug habit. But will she confess everything to her worried husband?

Emmerdale continues weeknights from 7.30pm on ITV.

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