'Emmerdale' spoilers: Charity Dingle gets a 'date' with Vanessa

Charity Dingle
Charity Dingle gets all dressed up for a playdate with Vanessa and their sons. (Image credit: ITV)

Emmerdale's Charity Dingle is in heaven in Monday's episode (ITV, 7.00pm see our TV Guide for full listings).

Charity Dingle's been angling to spend time with Vanessa for weeks now and finally, her ex has relented.

Having agreed to a playdate for their young sons, Moses and Johnny, Vanessa meets up with Charity who's got dressed up to the nines.

Chuffed to be hanging out with her former one-true love, Charity isn't interested in anything else, not even her mobile which is ringing off the hook.


Charity Dingle cancels her son Ryan's call. (Image credit: ITV)

On the other end of the phone is her grown-up son Ryan who's had devastating news: his adoptive mum, Irene, who raised him, has died.

Stepping in to comfort Ryan, Mack offers to drive him to see his brother. Knowing Charity's with Vanessa, Mack's far from impressed that his girlfriend is unreachable


Mack comforts Ryan who's been told his adoptive mum Irene has died. (Image credit: ITV)

On Main Street, Chas feels a stab of agony as she glances over at The Woolpack and notices a 'for auction' sign. 

Her heart sinks knowing that there's officially no chance she can save her pub and home. 

Meanwhile, the feud between her brother Cain and scheming entrepreneur Al shows no sign of easing up.


Chas has lost The Woolpack for good… (Image credit: ITV)


… her heart breaks as she notices a 'for auction' sale being pinned up outside her former pub. (Image credit: ITV)

At the hospital, DS Rogers needs Manpreet to get talking about what she knows about her on-the-run serial killer sister, Meena, if they're to have a chance of freeing Liv who's been banged up for the evil nurse's crime.

DS Rogers

DS Rogers has to tell Vinny some bad news… (Image credit: ITV)

Later, DS Rogers is has to tell Vinny the words he's dreading: there's not enough evidence to prove Liv didn't kill Ben (and that Meena did) so they can't get her out of prison.


… there's not enough evidence on Meena to get innocent Liv out of jail. (Image credit: ITV)

Emmerdale continues weeknights on ITV from 7.00pm.

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