Emmerdale spoilers: Kerry Wyatt DUMPS boyfriend Al after Cain drops him in it!

Kerry Wyatt argues with Al
Kerry dumps Al when she learns that he kissed Priya! (Image credit: ITV)

Emmerdale's Kerry Wyatt ain't happy with Al in Thursday's hour-long episode (ITV, 7.30pm see our TV Guide for full listings).

Thinking that Al is having a thing with his business partner Belle, Kerry's on red alert.

So when she notices that he's on his phone 24/7, it's a huge red flag. 

With her suspicions sky-rocketing, she starts digging around for proof.

But, of course, it's not Belle who Al's been kissing. It's Priya. And when he reaches out talk to her about it, Cain Dingle hears every word!


Priya and Al wanted to keep their illicit kiss a secret. (Image credit: ITV)

As the exes agree to keep it secret, Cain resolves to do the exact opposite…

Later, Al's in the Woolpack with Belle having an important meeting with a potential client when Kerry arrives to confront them.

Unable to resist, Cain lets slip about Al and Priya, then sits back ready to watch it all kick off…

He doesn't have to wait long.

Seeing red, betrayed Kerry chucks a drink over Al, much to his client's horror. 

In one fell swoop Al's lost his girlfriend and a business lead – and he's seething when he realises Cain's the root cause. 

With that, their bitter feud reignites…

Emmerdale spoilers, Cain Dingle, Al Chapman

Cain and Al's feud reignites when the Dingle mechanic tells Al's girlfriend Kerry that Al kissed Priya. (Image credit: ITV)

At the Hide, Jai's put in an awful position. 

Kim wants him to sack the part-time workers and re-hire them on zero-hour contracts. 

Laurel's astonished when Jai later reveals Kim's plans and learns he's going to go through with it so he can keep his job.

When Laurel insists Jai should fight for his friends' rights, what will he do?


Laurel learns that Jai is intending to do Kim's dirty work at the Hide. (Image credit: ITV)

Nate is licking his wounds and looking for a distraction after learning that Tracy, his ex, is dating again.

Having stuffed up their relationship by cheating on her, he's bought it on himself. 

Chloe makes for a very easy target as Nate knows full well she's into him following their recent one-night stand. 

Turning on the charm, Nate draws in willing Chloe. And when Noah spots them together, he's seething.


Nate needs cheering up and Chloe's only too willing to help. (Image credit: ITV)

Things are a bit more straightforward for Vanessa who's going all out to make amends with Suzy after blowing out their date.

A wine-tasting at David's shop turns into drinks at The Woolpack and it's all going nicely.


Vanessa has a great date with Suzy. (Image credit: ITV)

But the vibe changes when Leyla arrives at the village pub and clocks the women together.

Suzy explains she and Leyla know each other through work – but is there more to it?


But Leyla is thrown when she spots Vanessa and Suzy together… (Image credit: ITV)


… Suzy explains that she and Leyla know each other through work. But is there more to it? Leyla's clearly rattled when Suzy later promises to keep her 'secret'. What's Leyla been up to? (Image credit: ITV)

It certainly looks that way. Later, in a moment alone rattled Leyla is on pins as Suzy promises to keep her secret…

SECRET? What's Leyla been up to?

Emmerdale continues weeknights from 7.30pm on ITV.

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