'Emmerdale' spoilers Kim Tate bids a painful goodbye…

Kim bids granddaughter Millie a tender goodbye. (Image credit: ITV)

Emmerdale's Kim Tate is all about loss in Thursday's episode (ITV, 7.00pm see our TV Guide for listings).

As Andrea's memorial continues, her mum Hazel is stunned to learn that Kim feels Jamie is still alive. 

Having just lost her daughter – who died in the fire at the maize maze – Hazel urges Kim to accept her son Jamie died in his watery car crash. The mums have outlived their children.


Hazel urges Kim to accept that Jamie is dead. (Image credit: ITV)

In an emotional state, Kim reels when her little granddaughter Millie tells her she wants to go and live with her granny Hazel.

The Tate matriarch is in bits as she packs up Millie's things and says goodbye to the little girl. 

Will Kim take Hazel's advice and accept her son Jamie's gone?

Jamie Tate

Jamie's car plunged into a lake – he's considered dead but his body has not been found. (Image credit: ITV)

Elsewhere, following his failed proposal to Rhona, Marlon's feeing defeated. 

But is there room for hope that he may yet get a happy-ever-after with Rhona?

At the allotment, Liam is bowled over as Amelia gathers the village kids to help him finish his greenhouse. 

The doc is filled with joy as he's able to announce his 'Leanna Cavanagh Good Mood Food allotment' is open!


Liam's allotment project is a welcome distraction from his grief over Leanna's death. (Image credit: ITV)


Liam is bowled over when Amelia brings a gang of kids to help him get his allotment over the line. (Image credit: ITV)

This week, Emmerdale is on ITV on Monday, Tuesday (1-hr), Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 7.00pm only.

General Cast 
Rhona Goskirk - Zoe Henry 
Paddy Kirk - Dominic Brunt 
Kim Tate - Claire King 
Harriet Finch - Katherine Dow Blyton 
Eric Pollard - Chris Chittell 
Bear Wolf - Joshua Richards 
David Metcalfe - Matthew Wolfenden 
Jai Sharma - Chris Bisson 
Rishi Sharma - Bhasker Patel 
Priya Kotecha - Fiona Wade 
Tracy Metcalfe - Amy Walsh 
Liv Flaherty - Isobel Steele
Jacob Gallagher - Joe-Warren Plant 
Wendy Posner - Susan Cookson 
Bob Hope - Tony Audenshaw 
Amy Wyatt - Natalie Ann Jamieson 
Liam Cavanagh - Jonny McPherson 
Leyla Cavanagh - Roxy Shahidi
Rodney Blackstock - Patrick Mower 
Brenda Walker - Lesley Dunlop 
Matty Barton- Ash Palmisciano
Amelia Spencer - Daisy Campbell 
Dan Spencer - Liam Fox 
April Windsor - Amelia Flanagan 
Nate Robinson - Jurrell Carter 
Dawn Taylor - Olivia Bromley 
Manpreet Jutla - Rebecca Sarker 
Ryan Stocks - James Moore
Billy Fletcher - Jay Kontzle 
Will Taylor - Dean Andrews 
Mackenzie Barton - Lawrence Robb 

The Dingle Family
Marlon Dingle - Mark Charnock
Zak Dingle - Steve Halliwell
Debbie Dingle - Charley Webb
Mandy Dingle - Lisa Riley
Vinny Dingle - Bradley Johnson
Aaron Dingle - Danny Miller
Cain Dingle - Jeff Hordley
Moira Dingle - Natalie J Robb
Chas Dingle - Lucy Pargeter
Belle Dingle - Eden Taylor-Draper
Charity Dingle - Emma Atkins
Sam Dingle - James Hooten
Lydia Dingle - Karen Blick 
Noah Dingle - Jack Downham
Samson Dingle - Sam Hall

The Sugden Family 
Sarah Sugden - Katie Hill 
Diane Sugden - Elizabeth Estensen
Victoria Sugden - Isabel Hodgins

The King Family 
Nicola King - Nicola Wheeler
Jimmy King - Nick Miles 

The Tate Family 
Kim Tate - Claire King 
Jamie Tate - Alexander Lincoln 
Andrea Tate - Anna Nightingale 
Millie Tate - Willow Bell 

The Thomas Family 
Laurel Thomas - Charlotte Bellamy
Gabby Thomas - Rosie Bentham
Arthur Thomas - Alfie Clarke 

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