Hollyoaks spoilers: Has Warren Fox survived being shot?

Warren Fox was shot at by a masked gunman in Hollyoaks.
Warren Fox was shot at by a masked gunman in Hollyoaks. (Image credit: Lime Pictures)

Warren Fox (Jamie Lomas) was the target of a masked gunman and was shot at in last Friday's episode. 

Tonight, a frantic Mercedes McQueen (Jennifer Metcalfe) calls for urgent medical help in Hollyoaks on at 7pm (See our TV Guide for full listings). 

Miraculously, it seems that Warren has survived the direct aim of the mystery hitman who took fire from a motorbike.  

Mercedes is flooded with relief and stunned when Warren reveals exactly how he managed to dodge the bullet! 

Freddie Roscoe with Grace Black.

Freddie seen visiting Grace Black in prison in the run up to their wedding.  (Image credit: Lime Pictures)

Meanwhile Freddie Roscoe (Charlie Clapham) asks the Osbornes if he can stay at theirs for the night as the Love Boat, where he’s been living, is flooded.

Darren Osborne (Ashley Taylor-Dawson) is immediately suspicious about Freddie’s involvement in Warren being shot. 

However, Freddie convinces his brother that his hands are clean and he had nothing to do with the attack on his rival.

So who was the masked gunman?

Mercedes McQueen and Warren Fox.

Mercedes with her ex, Warren Fox.  (Image credit: Lime Pictures)

Mercedes reassures Warren that Grace Black (Tamara Wall) isn’t behind the shooting and Donny Clark (Louis Emerick) seems to be taking an interest in the conversation between Mercy and Warren. 

Later on Mercedes and Warren talk about all the regrets that have plagued them and Warren opens up telling Mercedes that he is still in love with her. 

How will she react to his declaration? 

Zain and Misbah looking thoughtful.

Misbah is planning a move to Scotland to save her marriage to Zain.  (Image credit: Lime Pictures)

Elsewhere, Misbah Maalik (Harvey Virdi) is planning to move to Scotland with her husband Zain (Jonas Khan) in a bid to save their floundering marriage. 

Tonight she tries to persuade her nephew, Dillon Ray (Nathaniel Dass), who lives with her in Chester, that it will be a good move for all of them.

However, a defiant Dillon says he won’t be moving because he’s not going to leave his boyfriend, Lucas Hay (Oscar Curtis) behind.

Misbah retaliates saying that Dillon and Lucas are far too young for a serious relationship which immediately upsets a resentful Dillon. 

Donny Clark played by Louis Emerick.

Donny Clark tells Misbah he won't try and persuade her into staying.  (Image credit: Lime Pictures)

Later Dillon tells Lucas he doesn’t want to lose him and Zain questions Misbah leaving Dillon behind when they move but she says she  is determined to save their marriage. 

Meanwhile, Donny, who Misbah has a crush on and recently shared a kiss with,  wishes her luck and says he won’t try and stop her from making the move up north. 

Plus, Suzanne Ashworth (Suzanne Hall) begs her daughter, Hannah (Emma Rigby)  for her support against Nancy Osborne (Jessica Fox) who has been accused of injuring Suzanne’s daughter, Frankie (Isabelle Smith). 

Suzanne also warns Hannah to end things with trouble-laden married man, Dave Chen-Williams (Dominic Power).

Hannah Ashworth with Robbie Roscoe.

Hannah Ashworth with Robbie Roscoe.  (Image credit: Lime Pictures)

However, volatile Dave later unravels and rails at sex worker Hannah as she pleads that their connection is more than a transaction.

Meanwhile, Robbie Roscoe (Charlie Wernham) tells Hannah he’s too busy with his young niece, Lexi Roscoe (Marnie Fletcher) to deal with all her ongoing drama.

Later on at the hotel where Hannah is staying, Robbie finds a note explaining that she is lying low from her blackmailer and to stop her family from finding out what she has been doing. 

So who exactly is blackmailing Hannah? Are we about to find out? 

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