Hollyoaks spoilers: Warren Fox puts his twins life at risk!

Warren Fox causes a dangerous situation for his children.
Warren Fox causes a dangerous situation for his children. (Image credit: Lime Pictures )

Warren Fox (Jamie Lomas) puts his twins lives at risk in tonight’s Hollyoaks on at 6.30pm (See our TV Guide for full listings).

Warren has been struggling with serious health issues ever since being deliberately run over by his nemesis Ethan Williams (Matthew James-Bailey). 

Warren has been relying on vast supplies of stolen medication to numb his pain, however tonight he’s struggling with the strength of his new pills. 

While Warren is looking after his twins, Sophie and Sebastian, alone in his flat he passes out.

However there is big danger in store. 

With a pizza left in a hot oven and Warren out cold, there is soon smoke billowing around the room when the oven is on fire. 

Warren comes round but it’s a race against time to get out of the flat.

 Will Warren and the twins make it out in time?  

Sienna Blake pictured with conniving Ethan Williams.

Sienna Blake pictured with conniving Ethan Williams. (Image credit: Lime Pictures )

Meanwhile, Sienna Blake (Anna Passey) was left in the lurch by Ethan who wanted her to meet a drugs supplier. 

With still no sign of Ethan, Sienna, who has been put in a danger herself, makes a lucky escape with the help of Ste. 

Ste soon reveals his plan on how they can get rid of Ethan once and for all. 

What does he have in mind?

Later on, Sienna confronts her boss Ethan about leaving her behind and demands that he starts paying her and Ste very generously. 

Will Ethan agree?  

Eric stumbled across Cleo's pregnancy test.

Eric stumbled across Cleo's pregnancy test.  (Image credit: Lime Pictures )

Plus Eric Foster (Angus Castle-Doughty) becomes and an unlikely shoulder to lean on for Cleo McQueen (Nadine Mulkerrin).

In yesterday’s episode, Eric was shocked when a pregnancy test fell out of Cleo’s bag. 

Tonight, Cleo asks Eric to stay with her for moral support while she waits for the results. 

Later on the results are revealed!

Is Cleo pregnant?  

Is Cleo pregnant? And who is the father?

Is Cleo pregnant? And who is the father?  (Image credit: Lime Pictures )

Meanwhile, Charlie Dean (Charlie Behan) resorts to underhand measures when he tries to steal money from the tip jar at the kiosk owned by Yazz Cunningham (Haiesha Mistry) and her husband Tom (Ellis Hollins).

Charlie, whose behaviour has been spiralling way out of control, is desperate to get cash so he can buy DLC for his game. 

But is thief Charlie about to get caught red-handed?

Brooke Hathaway and Ripley Lennox in Hollyoaks.

Ripley Lennox with Brooke Hathaway.  (Image credit: Lime Pictures )

Plus, Ripley Lennox (Ki Griffin) has an allergic reaction that worries their partner Brooke Hathaway (Tylan Grant).

What’s happened to Ripley and what have they eaten or been in contact with to cause such a bad reaction?

Hollyoaks airs Monday- Friday on C4 at 6.30pm with the next episode following on E4 at 7pm

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