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Home and Away spoilers: Mackenzie Booth clashes with new business partner Felicity!

Felicity and Mackenzie in Home and Away
Salt's co-owners Felicity and Mackenzie aren't seeing eye to eye. (Image credit: Endemol Shine Australia)

Mackenzie Booth (played by Emily  Weir) spars with new business partner Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) over her grand plans for Salt  in Home and Away (1:15pm - see our TV Guide for listings). 

Felicity and Mackenzie in Home and Away

Mackenzie dismisses Felicity's plans to boost business at Salt. (Image credit: Endemol Shine Australia)

Now that Felicity Newman has become her business partner, Mackenzie is able to keep her bar/restaurant Salt, pay off her debts and turn over a new leaf after all her recent troubles…

But, barely 24 hours after they officially became co-owners of the Summer Bay hotspot, Flick and Mack are already coming to blows…

To begin with, the co-owners hit the ground running but when Felicity wants to relaunch the business with a bang, cautious Mackenzie wants to play it safe and poo-poos her ideas, leading Felicity to storm out of their first business meeting!

Felicity and Mackenzie in Home and Away

Felicity storms off but not before giving Mackenzie a piece of her mind! (Image credit: Endemol Shine Australia)

Feeling deflated, Flick wonders if Mac’s ever going to take her seriously as an equal business partner. 

Dean and Mackenzie in Home and Away

Dean's witness to Mac and Felicity's disagreement. (Image credit: Endemol Shine Australia)

When Mac’s brother Dean Thompson (Patrick O’Connor) sees what’s going on, he tries to stay out of it and bites his tongue… but it’s not long before he tells his sister what he thinks…

Dean and Mackenzie in Home and Away

Dean tells Mackenzie why she should listen to Felicity's ideas. (Image credit: Endemol Shine Australia)

He tells Mac that she’s a control freak and reminds her that Felicity has just saved her bacon, so why is she already picking fights with her?

After tells Dean that she’s struggling to let go of the reins, Mac takes his advice on board and tells Felicity that she’s prepared to listen to her suggestions.

Mac and Felicity seem to have sorted things out but will there be any more bumps in the road?

Lyrik in Home and Away

Lyrik prove to be noisy and messy houseguests! (Image credit: Endemol Shine Australia)

Over at the Parata house, Bob (Rob Mallett), Eden (Stephanie Panozzo), Remi (Adam Rowland) and Kirby (Angelina Thomson), aka rock bank Lyrik, seem to have taken over the place.

As well as leaving their instruments lying around and making a mess, the raucous rockers are using the living room as a jamming space.

Unimpressed by his messy and noisy house guests, Tane Parata (Ethan Browne) decides to lay down the law…

Tane and Lyrik in Home and Away

Tane sets out a few house rules for unruly guests Lyrik. (Image credit: Endemol Shine Australia)

After nominating Summer Bay lifeguard Nikau Parata (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) for a bravery award, Naomi Stevens (Jamaica Vaughan) has offered to go to the ceremony with him.

Nikau, however, feels uncomfortable about going to a fancy awards bash with a woman who isn’t his girlfriend, Bella (Courtney Miller), because it would feel a bit like cheating.

He fears their friendship could cross the line into something else, but Naomi says that with Bella in New York, she just thought he could do with the moral support.

Has Nikau misread the situation? Maybe Naomi’s only interested in being mates?

When Nikau goes to him for advice, John Palmer (Shane Withington) points out that if Bella’s making new friends in the Big Apple, why can’t he make some new pals, too?

John and Nikau in Home and Away

John has some advice for Nikau. (Image credit: Endemol Shine Australia)

After John gives him some food for thought, Nikau meets up with Naomi to apologise for upsetting her and to accept her offer of accompanying him to the awards bash.

Just as a mate, obvs!

Naomi and Nikau in Home and Away

Nikau decides to accept Naomi's offer. (Image credit: Endemol Shine Australia)

Later, Nikau worries that another woman is making a play for him when houseguest and Lyrik bandmate Eden jumps into his bed at the Parata house!

What’s her game?!

Home and Away continues weekdays at 1:15pm on Channel 5

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