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90 Day Fiancé UK poster
90 Day Fiancé UK is now on the other side of the pond. (Image credit: Discovery+)

The global phenomenon 90 Day Fiancé will be landing in the UK for the first time since the iconic show took the US by storm.

With a whopping nine seasons and more than a dozen spin-offs in the US, now, the hit series will be landing in the UK this summer with 90 Day Fiancé UK.

The series follows eight loved-up Brits and their long-distance lovers for 90 days to see if their relationship is the real deal or if they should call it off.

Throughout the show, we'll see the couples experience a rollercoaster of emotions, from explosive family drama and culture clashes, to awkward moments and shocking revelations.

With the stakes as high as ever, the big question remains if they will propose or end up walking away.

Here's everything we know about 90 Day Fiancé UK...

When will 90 Day Fiancé UK be released?

90 Day Fiancé UK will be available to watch exclusively on Discovery Plus from Sunday, July 24. The series will consist of 12 one hour long episodes.

What happens in 90 Day Fiancé UK?

90 Day Fiancé UK follows the same premise as the US version as we document the lives of eight Brits who have found love abroad. 

In usual 90 Day Fiancé fashion, trials and tribulations are to be expected as we see each of their overseas partners spend their first 90 days in the UK.

Over the 90 days, the couples will learn what it is truly like to live and be with each other, while their international partners consider if they would be willing to leave  their home country behind for love.

Meet the 90 Day Fiancé UK couples...

The couples putting everything on the line for love are...

Shaun and Christine

Shaun and Christine

Shaun and Christine (Image credit: Discovery+)

41 year old Shaun from Hampshire met 42 year old Christine from The Philippines online in 2012. They began dating in 2013 and they've been in a long-distance relationship ever since.

Shaun has been financially supporting Christine and her three children from previous relationships since 2014 and she also shares the money with her parents and wider family.

After a holiday to the islands in 2018, Christine discovered that she was pregnant. Shaun has only met his son Christian three times and hasn't seen him since his first birthday.

Bridie and Host

Bridie and Host

Bridie and Host (Image credit: Discovery+)

Bridie, a 31 year old from Rotherham, met 28 year old Host from Lebanon in 2020 while online gaming.

Their friendship soon developed into a full-blown online romance and since then, the couple have been together for two years, even though they have never met in person.

Host has never had such strong feelings for someone before and is determined to start a new life with Bridie and her daughters in the UK.

Victoria and Sean

Victoria and Sean

Victoria and Sean (Image credit: Discovery+)

Unlucky in love Victoria (33, Wolverhampton) is Japan-obsessed and has devoted her life to running her Japanese-themed Facebook page, which is where she met Sean, a 42 year old from Japan.

They began speaking Japanese together, where the found themselves talking for hours a day.

However, Sean has refused to tell Victoria his real age and failed to tell her that he has been married before, even though he assures Victoria that he was divorced by the time they met. 

Now, Victoria has been left wondering what other secrets he's been hiding and still doesn’t know what he does for a living.

Kadie and Alejandro

Kadie and Alejandro

Kadie and Alejandro (Image credit: Discovery+)

Kadie, a 26 year old nurse from West Yorkshire, met her overseas beau, 30 year old fitness-fanatic Alejandro, on an international dating site in June last year and the pair fell for each other despite having never met in person. 

Now, Alejandro plans to visit the UK for the first time from his native Mexico to spend four weeks with Kadie and her grandmother.

Will they finally make it official and become boyfriend and girlfriend? 

Richard and Kathleen

Richard and Kathleen

Richard and Kathleen (Image credit: Discovery+)

41 year old quiz host Richard from Preston is fed up with dating British women and turned to international dating apps to find a domesticated housewife.

After finding 32 year old Kathleen from The Philippines, he quickly fell in love and has been to visit her and her family in The Philippines.

Richard is confident that he has found his dream woman and that she will fulfil all the washing and cleaning duties he desires.

But, Richard hasn't got a good track record of being faithful. Will he be able to stay faithful this time around?

Emma and Hossein

Emma and Hossein

Emma and Hossein (Image credit: Discovery+)

44 year old Emma from West Yorkshire came across 33 year old Hossein's Instagram page six years ago.

Hossein hails from Iran and she instantly felt a strong attraction, despite their 11 year age gap.

The pair have very different interests — Hossein is a bodybuilder who loves posting selfies, meanwhile Emma prefers to go to the pub with her mates. Despite this, Emma believes it's true love.

Pat and Sam

Pat and Sam

Pat and Sam (Image credit: Discovery+)

One day, 68 year old Pat from Merseyside received a friend request from 28 year old Sam from Pakistan.

He told her he felt an attraction to her and Pat thought he was handsome. She also liked the fact that they had a lot in common, including that they were both Christian and nurses.

One evening, Pat received a phone call from Sam who told her that he had been feeling lonely and wanted to talk to her. It was fate! Pat had been feeling lonely too and saw it as a sign from God.

Despite never meeting in person, she has quickly fallen head over heels for him and trusts him completely.

Calum and Marvin

Calum and Marvin

Calum and Marvin (Image credit: Discovery+)

Calum, who is 28 and from Scotland, met 26 year old Marvin from The Seychelles by complete chance on international Tinder. 

Marvin wasted no time in telling Calum how attractive he thought he was and their messaging quickly turned into nightly video calls.

The pair are completely smitten, despite never having met in person and they have lengthy chats about their dream wedding and how their life together could work out.

Marvin is hoping to fly to the UK to meet the man of his dreams and take the first steps into their relationship.

Is there a trailer?

Discovery Plus released an amusing trailer to promote the new series, where we see two airport security guards bombard a man with questions about himself and the UK after finding a wedding ring in his hand luggage...

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