‘Chapelwaite’: Where to watch, trailer and everything else you need to know about on the Stephen King adaptation

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Stephen King is the master of the American horror story, and as it has happened numerous times before Hollywood has come calling and is adapting one of his stories, this time for the TV series Chapelwaite.

King’s works have been adapted for TV and film many times, in some instances multiple times. Some of the most notable adaptations include It (done for both TV and film), Carrie, Pet Sematary, Cujo, The Shining, The Shawshank Redemption and plenty more. Chapelwaite is based on a 1978 Stephen King short story titled Jerusalem’s Lot, which is being adapted for the first time with this series.

Here’s everything that you need to know about Chapelwaite.

What is the plot of ‘Chapelwaite’?

In the 1850s, Captain Charles Boone relocates his family of three children to his ancestral home in the small, seemingly sleepy town of Preacher’s Corner, Maine, following his wife’s death at sea. However, the town is fearful of the Boone home, and Charles will have to confront the secrets of his family’s sordid history and fight to end the darkness that has plagued them for generations.

The original short story from King was written in the form of correspondence between Boone and an acquaintance. The TV series will obviously focus more on the events that were described in the short story, which should allow for plenty of frights.

Who is in the ‘Chapelwaite’ cast?

Chapelwaite is being led by Adrien Brody as Captain Charles Boone. A Best Actor Oscar-winner for The Pianist, Brody is also known for roles in Wes Anderson films (The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Darjeeling Limited, upcoming The French Dispatch) as well as TV roles in Houdini and Peaky Blinders. He will also be part of the upcoming third season of HBO’s Succession.

Starring alongside Brody is Emily Hampshire as Rebecca Morgan, an aspiring writer who becomes the governess for the Boone family when they arrive in Preacher’s Corner. Hampshire played Stevie Budd in Schitt’s Creek. Chapelwaite is her most high-profile project post Schitt’s Creek.

Here’s a look at some of the rest of the cast:

Jennifer Ens - Honor Boone
Sirena Gulamgus - Loa Boone
Ian Ho - Tane Boone
Trina Corkum - Mary Dennison
Gord Rang - Martin Burroughs
Allegra Fulton - Ann Morgan
Dean Armstrong - Dr. J.P. Guilford
Devante Senior - Able Stewart
Michael Hough - Daniel Thompson
Steven McCarthy - Stephen Boone
Sebastien Labelle - Robert Boone
Glenn Lefchak - Fletcher
Julian Richings - Phillip Boone

What is the ‘Chapelwaite’ release date?

Chapelwaite will be arriving on TV Aug. 22 at 10 p.m. on the EPIX cable network. 

EPIX is an MGM-owned television network that offers a library of new movies and classic titles, as well as its own lineup of original series and documentaries. Chapelwaite joins the likes of Godfather of Harlem, Pennyworth, Belgravia and Laurel Canyon as EPIX original series.

Chapelwaite will consist of 10 episodes, with a new episode premiering every Sunday starting Aug. 22.

At this time, there is no release date for Chapelwaite for U.K. or other non-U.S. audiences. What to Watch will update this page if that changes.

Is there a ‘Chapelwaite’ trailer?

EPIX has been teasing audiences with what to expect from Chapelwaite with a handful of teasers and trailers, including a red band trailer. Give the official trailer a watch below. 

How to watch ‘Chapelwaite’

As a cable network, EPIX is a channel that you’ll have to make sure you have access to before you can start watching Chapelwaite. The good news is that there are multiple access points for it.

The first way to watch EPIX is to subscribe through a traditional TV provider. The supported providers including Comcast Xfinity, Cox, Dish, DirecTV, Spectrum, Verizon Fios and more. The price to add the channel will vary depending on provider, but once signed up in addition to having access to all EPIX content consumers get unlimited streaming, the ability to download and watch content offline and they can watch on multiple devices.

Digital providers also offer Epix through either as a premium add-on channel. Consumers can add EPIX on Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, The Roku Channel, Sling TV, Fubo TV and YouTube TV. Signing up for EPIX this way offers the same benefits as doing so through a traditional TV provider.

The last way to get EPIX is to sign up for the EPIX Now app, which is available through any app store at a price of $5.99 per month.

EPIX is only available to U.S. audiences, but those abroad can use a virtual private network (VPN) to check out Chapelwaite and other EPIX offerings. A VPN is designed to route network traffic through a specific set of servers in a specific country, allowing viewers to watch content on an encrypted feed over a computer. 


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