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'Dickinson' - Everything you need to know about Season 2

Hailee Steinfeld in Dickinson on Apple TV+
Hailee Steinfeld in Dickinson on Apple TV+. (Image credit: Apple)

Dickinson is back for Season 2 on Apple TV+, meaning the long-awaited return of the show is finally here. The series focuses on Emily Elizabeth Dickinson, a woman who has been hailed America’s greatest poet. It shines a light on society, gender, and family in the 1800s and is written and produced by Alena Smith. After the hugely successful first offering, Dickinson's second season delves deeper into the poet's life and literary work, focusing on how she will cope when she is thrust into the limelight - a place she never thought she would be. 

How to watch 'Dickinson' Season 2

Dickinson returns to Apple TV with Season 2 on Friday, January 8th. But, while the first season of Dickinson saw the whole series available to stream from the launch date, this time around there will be three episodes for fans to devour. The rest of the season will drop episodically on Fridays.

The series is an Apple TV+ exclusive, so you're going to need the streaming service in order to check it out. Don't stress if the streamer isn't available near you just yet, we've got a little bit of a workaround below! 

Who stars in 'Dickinson' Season 2?

There will be a mix of familiar and new faces coming into play in the upcoming season of Dickinson. Fame, whether wanted or not, can come with a whole host of surprises. Who will our favorite poet run into in the upcoming season?

  • Hailee Steinfeld (Emily Dickinson)
  • Jane Krakowski (Mrs. Dickinson)
  • Anna Baryshnikov (Lavina Dickinson) 
  • Ella Hunt (Sue Gilbert) 
  • Toby Huss (Edward Dickinson)
  • Adrian Blake Enscoe (Austin Dickinson) 
  • Wiz Khalifa (Death)
  • Nick Kroll (Edgar Allen Poe)
  • Timothy Simons (Frederick Law Olmstead)
  • Ayo Edebiri (Hattie)
  • Will Pullen (Nobody)

We'll also see Finn Jones as newspaper editor Samuel Bowles, while Pico Alexander will star as Henry 'Ship' Shipley. The latter is an Amherst College dropout who rents a room at the Dickinsons' house.

What can we expect from 'Dickinson' Season 2? 

After Season 1 of Dickinson charted the launch of the poet's career and the struggles she faced as she forged ahead with her writing, Season 2 will explore Emily's position on fame. The new season will see her thrust into the public eye, while she wrestles with the fear that a pursuit of fame would end up being a dangerous game for her to play. 

Season 2 will also explore why much of the late poet's work was only published after her death, and how her deeply troubled relationship with fame came to cause her so much grief. Here's what showrunner Alena Smith had to say about the upcoming offering: 

"Season two is going to completely turn that [the patriarchal issues faced in Season 1] on its head or inside out and give a very different answer, which is that Emily herself had a deeply ambivalent relationship to fame. Season two is really all about fame and the attention economy, which was a central concern in Emily Dickinson's poems. She wrote many, many poems about fame and about running from fame or rejecting fame. But she definitely had an obsession about fame even if she was subverting it."

Fame is calling Emily, but will she answer?

How to watch 'Dickinson' from anywhere in the world 

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Will 'Dickinson' have a Season 3? 

Yes! Brilliant news for Dickinson fans is that the show has become the first series on Apple TV+ to be commissioned for a third season. Given the eye-catching list of guest stars Season 2 has managed to wrangle, it's hard not to get excited for what's in store for us in the future!