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Disney Plus price: What it costs in all the countries in which it's available

Disney+ costs $6.99 a month or $69.99 a year in the United States.
Disney+ costs $6.99 a month or $69.99 a year in the United States. (Image credit:

Disney+ pricing currently is available in some 36 countries around the world. That's a small fraction of the nations on our little planet — but as Disney execs like to point out, Disney+ will already reaches nine out of the 10 largest economies on Planet Earth. (And it's also the perfect streaming service if you want to test out Disney+ on Apple TV.)

And it's still not done yet.

The Disney+ price structure is pretty simple. For the most part, you can opt to pay monthly, or you can pay for a full year all at once and save a little bit of money, effectively getting a couple months for free. There are a couple outliers where Disney+ has a deal with an existing service, like in Japan, but that's the exception to the rule.

We're in the midst of a change in the Disney+ price. Some countries — specifically Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada — already have seen the previously announced increase with the launch of the Star sub-brand on Disney+. Others — including the United States — will see increases in the coming weeks and months. (And some, like the UK, have a bit of a hybrid model, with the new, higher price already live for new subscribers, and current subscribers getting a six-month grace period.) 

And the Disney+ cost largely follows this scheme: In the United States, it's now $7.99 a month, or $79.99 a year. (Having increased by $1 monthly and $10 annually on March 26, 2021.) In countries that use the Euro, it's 8,99 € a month, or 89,99 € annually. And so on and so forth. The amount may go up or down depending on the currency, which is normal when you're talking about prices in various countries, of course.

Here are the prices for Disney+ in the countries in which it is available. We'll update this list as more countries come online. 

Note that this does not include the cost of any additional fees for Disney+ Premier Access content. That's separate per piece of content in addition to the monthly subscription fee.

  • Argentina (ARS$ 385/3.850)
  • Australia ($11.99/$119.99)
  • Austria (8,99 €/89,99 €)
  • Belgium (8,99 €/89,99 €)
  • Brazil (BRL$ 27,90/279,90)
  • Canada ($11.99 CAD/$119.99 CAD)
  • Chile (CLP$ 6.500/64.900)
  • Colombia (COP$ 23.900/239.900)
  • Costa Rica (USD$ 5,99/59,99)
  • Denmark (79 DKK/790 DKK)
  • Finland (8,99 €/89,99 €)
  • France (8,99 €/89,99 €)
  • Germany (8,99 €/89,99 €)
  • Greenland (59 DKK, 589 DKK)
  • Iceland (8,99 €/89,99 €)
  • India (As Disney+ Hotstar, Rs 299/Rs 1,499)
  • Indonesia (As Disney+ Hotstar, Rp 39,000/Rp 199,000)
  • Ireland (8,99 €/89,99 €)
  • Italy (8,99 €/89,99 €)
  • Japan (¥700)
  • Luxembourg (8,99 €/89,99 €)
  • Monaco (8,99 €/89,99 €)
  • Mexico (MXN$ 159/1.599)
  • Netherlands (8,99 €/89,99 €)
  • New Zealand ($11.99/$119.99)
  • Norway (89 NOK/890 NOK)
  • Panama (USD$ 5,99/59,99)
  • Peru (PEN$ 25,90/259,90)
  • Portugal (8,99 €/89,99 €)
  • Singapore (S$11.98/$119.98)
  • Spain (8,99 €/89,99 €)
  • Sweden (89 SEK/890 SEK)
  • Switzerland (12.90 CHF/129 CHF)
  • United Kingdom (£7.99/£79.99)
  • United States ($6.99/$69.99)
  • Uruguay (USD$ 7.49/74.99)

Disney+ is the online streaming home for all things Disney, as well as everything in the Star Wars universe. It's also where you'll find the bulk of the Marvel catalog — both old favorites from the 1980s as well as the latest from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Disney+ also is home to Pixar, of course, as well as NatGeo. In addition to full catalogs worth of content, Disney+ also has new exclusives like The Mandalorian and the Hamilton film.

And in the United States, you can take advantage of an epic bundle that combines Disney+, Hulu's basic service, and ESPN+ — all for $12.99 a month, which effectively gets you three services for the price of two. That price goes up to $13.99 a month on March 26.