'In Plain Sight' — cast, plot and everything you need to know about the true crime drama

In Plain Sight cast
In Plain Sight stars Line of Duty favourite Martin Compston. (Image credit: ITV)

In Plain Sight is a chilling miniseries that was originally released in 2016. Based on real events, the series follows American-Scottish serial killer Peter Manuel and the Scottish police force as they try to bring him to justice.

Featuring Line of Duty’s Martin Compston as the polar opposite of DI Steve Arnott, In Plain Sight is a challenging watch that shows just what a twisted individual Manuel was.

Here's everything you need to know about In Plain Sight.

When is In Plain Sight on TV? 

In Plain Sight was originally broadcast in the UK in December 2016. It’s now being rebroadcast on ITV on consecutive nights from Monday 7 June until Wednesday 9 June at 9pm each night.

How many episodes of In Plain Sight are there?

In Plain Sight is a three-part Scottish TV drama, and each episode is around 45 minutes long.

How to stream In Plain Sight online

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In Plain Sight cast

Martin Compston leads the cast as Peter Manuel, the serial offender murderer who is determined to take his revenge.

Compston said: “I’d heard of Peter Manuel before playing him — he’s sort of the bogeyman in Scotland — but I wasn’t aware of the depth and the severity of his crimes.

“He was an absolute psychopath and that was one of the reasons they couldn’t catch him for so long because there was no pattern to these murders. It was a challenge playing him!”

Line of Duty

Martin Compston as Steve Arnott (centre) in Line of Duty with  Vicky McClure as Kate Fleming (left) and Adrian Dunbar as Ted Hastings (right). (Image credit: BBC)

William Muncie is played by Douglas Henshall (Shetland, Home). Muncie is a determined, veteran detective who was responsible for putting Manuel away for housebreaking and then for successfully convicting him for a series of sex attacks.

Additional cast include: Shauna Macdonald, Gilly Gilchrist, Joanna Roth, Jack Greenlees, Sorcha Groundsell, Alana McDowall, Kate McLaughlin, Bobby Rainsbury, Joanna Thomson and Gavin Jon Wright.

What's the plot?

In Plain Sight revolves around serial killer Peter Manuel who was convicted and executed in 1958. He was responsible for the murder of at least seven people in Lanarkshire, Scotland.

The series starts with Peter Manuel released after nine years in prison for a series of sexual assaults in Scotland. Manuel sets out to make Detective Sergeant William Muncie pay the price for putting him away. 

After a series of violent murders in the local area, Muncie launches an investigation into Manuel. Local Scottish police weren't used to dealing with this level of criminal behaviour, and the series follows the destructive trail left by the cocky killer whilst Muncie and his team attempt to close the case.

Is there a trailer?

Yes! In the trailer, you can see Martin Compston as Peter Manuel lurking in alleyways and around corners as he stalks his victims, as well as leaving a note to taunt the Detective who is trying to stop him. 

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