Midas Man: release date, cast, plot, first looks and everything you need to know about the Brian Epstein biopic

Midas Man sees Jacob Fortune-Lloyd will be playing Brian Epstein (on right).
Midas Man sees Jacob Fortune-Lloyd will be playing Brian Epstein (on right). (Image credit: Getty)

Beatles fans are going to love Midas Man, an upcoming film that tells the story of the music mogul who turned John, Paul, George and Ringo into a worldwide phenomenon. Set in the 1960s and starring a top cast, including Emily Watson, Eddie Marsan, Outlander’s Rosie Day and Jay Leno as Ed Sullivan, Midas Man charts Epstein’s role in the creative explosion of the 1960s and his huge influence on pop music through managing the likes of the Beatles and Cilla Black.

Here’s everything you need to know about star-studded biopic Midas Man

Here in 'Midas Man' the Bealtes are recording at Abbey Road Studios, with George Martin.

Here in a Midas Man first look, the Beatles are recording at Abbey Road Studios, with George Martin. (Image credit: James Loxley)

Midas Man release date

Midas Man will be shown in cinemas from October 10 2024. We will update if the movie later becomes available on a streaming service such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

Midas Man cast — Jacob Fortune-Lloyd as Brian Epstein

In Midas Man, British actor Jacob Fortune-Lloyd has been transformed into the dapper style that encapsulated Brian Epstein during his life.

"‘One of the reasons we loved Jacob for this role is that Brian Epstein was the personification of dapper, quintessential charisma, and Jacob felt like the man to bring that to life," says film’s producer Kevin Procter. ‘The fact that he’s been able to do just that to such electrifying effect in one image shows that we have the right guy.’

Jacob has previously played Francesco Salviati in the 2018 historical drama Medici and appeared as Townes in hit Netflix drama series The Queen’s Gambit in 2020. He’s also starred in British dramas Endeavour, Midsomer Murders and Wolf Hall.

"‘It has been inspiring to learn about Brian’s life and his achievements, and it is an enormous honour to represent him on screen," says Jacob. "His style is a key ingredient to my understanding of his character. It reveals his flair, creativity, sensitivity and good taste. And his fastidious elegance was also a kind of armour against a challenging, sometimes dangerous world."

'Midas Man' lead actor Jacob Fortune-Lloyd.

Midas Man lead actor Jacob Fortune-Lloyd. (Image credit: Getty)

'Midas Man' star Jacob Fortune-Lloyd in 'The Queen's Gambit'.

Midas Man star Jacob Fortune-Lloyd has perviously starred in The Queen's Gambit. (Image credit: Netflix)

Midas Man cast — who else is starring as the Beatles, Cilla Black and others from the 1960s

The Midas Man cast reads like a who’s who of British talent. Emily  Watson stars as Brian Epstein’s mother Malka, while Eddie Marsan (Ridley Road) plays his father, Harry, and Omari Douglas, who recently found fame in It’s A Sin, is playing Epstein’s friend Lonnie Trimble.

Meanwhile, Darci Shaw plays singer Cilla Black having replaced Outlander star Rosie Day, while Charley Palmer Rothwell (Jack Ryan) is record producer George Martin who works with the Beatles on their songs at Abbey Road Studios. 

There are some American actors among the cast, too. Ed Speelers plays Brian Epstein’s lover Tex Ellington, having replaced Lukas Gage (Dead Boy Detectives) in the role, while Jay Leno guest stars as Ed Sullivan, who hosted the Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1964.

As for the cast playing the Fab Four, John Lennon will be played by Jonah Lees (The Letter for the King), Paul McCartney by Blake Richardson (Eleven Days), George Harrison by Leo Harvey Elledge (Creation Stories) and Ringo Starr by newcomer Campbell Wallace. Peaky Blinders star Adam Lawrence will play Pete Best, the drummer fired from the Beatles by Brian Epstein in 1962 before they found worldwide fame.

"The actors playing the Beatles are an extraordinary group they ooze that very visceral feeling of the 1960s," says director Sara Sugarman. "They’re charming, playful, and so authentic and I have no doubt that Jay Leno will capture the essence of Ed Sullivan perfectly. His own experience as an American television host will bring forward a natural, and accurate portrayal and add an incredible element of modern showbiz to the story."

The Midas Man story even has royalty showing up, with Lauren Harris playing Princess Margaret while Eddie 'Suzie' Izzard plays Alan Williams and The Durrells star Milo Parker is Alistair Taylor.

Midas Man' first look at the Beatles... John Lennon will be played by Jonah Lees (The Letter for the King), Paul McCartney by Blake Richardson (Eleven Days), George Harrison by Leo Harvey Elledge (Creation Stories) and Ringo Starr by newcomer Campbell Wallace.

Midas Man first look at the Beatles stars... John Lennon is played by Jonah Lees, Paul McCartney by Blake Richardson, George Harrison by Leo Harvey Elledge and Ringo Starr by Campbell Wallace. (Image credit: James Loxley)

Eddie Marsan plays Brian's father in 'Midas Man'.

Eddie Marsan plays Brian's father in Midas Man. (Image credit: Getty)

Emily Watson plays Brian's mother.

Emily Watson plays Brian's mother Malka. (Image credit: Getty)

American comedian and chat show host Jay Leno will play Ed Sullivan.

American comedian and chat show host Jay Leno will play Ed Sullivan. (Image credit: Getty)

Midas Man plot

Midas Man will take audiences back to the Swinging Sixties, starting with the Mersey Beat sound early in the decade when Brian Epstein discovered the Beatles performing in Liverpool's Cavern Club, where a young Cilla Black (then Priscilla White) worked in the cloakroom but also sang alongside the Beatles. The movie will then show how Brian made the Beatles the worldwide pop phenomenon they became in the 1960s, having huge hits in the US and famous tours, plus appearing on The Ed Sullivan Show. There were also controversies along the way, as the Fab Four caused upset among the more conservative elements in American society back then.  All the time Brian's demons were bubbling under the surface, leading to his early death from a drugs overdose in 1967.

The Beatles back in their heyday when managed by Brian Epstein.

The Beatles back in their heyday when managed by Brian Epstein. (Image credit: Getty)

Is there a Midas Man trailer?

There isn't a Midas Man trailer yet available as the production is till filming, but we expect one soon, so we'll post it here when it does arrive. In the meantime here's an interview with Midas Man Brian Epstein for The Tonight Show in 1964 so you can see what the man was actually like.

Midas Man — who was Brian Epstein?

Brian Epstein, who died of a drug overdose at 32, was responsible for discovering and creating some of Britain’s biggest musical acts of the 1960s, earning him the nickname the Prince of Pop. He managed the Beatles from 1962 until his death in 1967 and was referred to as the Fifth Beatle thanks to his role in the group's image and rise to global fame. He even insisted that they abandon their scruffy image in favour of a new clean-cut style, with identical suits and haircuts. He then persuaded George Martin of EMI group to produce their records… and the rest is history! As well as the Beatles, Epstein also discovered other musical talent, including Gerry and the Pacemakers and Cilla Black. 

Midas Man Brian Epstein with the Beatles.

Midas Man Brian Epstein with the Beatles who ruled the pop charts in the 1960s. (Image credit: Getty)

Brian Epstein also managed Cilla Black.

Brian Epstein also managed Cilla Black. (Image credit: Getty)

Midas Man — what else do we know?

The original Midas Man screenplay is based on a story by Brigit Grant and written by Jonathan Wakeham. Meanwhile, production of the film moved from Liverpool to Los Angeles in early 2022 where filming is expected to last until early February, so hopefully we don’t have too long to wait before the movie lands after that in 2023.

According to producer Trevor Beattie, “To say this has been a labour of love would be an understatement. But Brian himself never stopped believing, that was his superpower. And I would never give up on him. Brian spent his short life selflessly turning those he managed into global superstars. Now it’s his turn. Brian Epstein will finally be up where he belongs: a star of the silver screen. And I’d like to think he’d be proud and wowed by Jacob’s astonishing portrayal.”

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