My Kind of Country: release date, cast and everything we know about the reality TV show

Mickey Guyton, Orville Peck and Jimmie Allen on My Kind of Country
Mickey Guyton, Orville Peck and Jimmie Allen on My Kind of Country (Image credit: Apple TV)

The singing competition show has long been a staple of TV, with current iterations including The Voice, American Idol and celebrity versions like That's My Jam. Well, Apple TV Plus is getting into the mix now with its own series, My Kind of Country.

As the title suggests, this is a country music-themed competition, but it aims to take a different look at the reality TV competition format. It also has a number of big names attached to the project, including Reese Witherspoon and Kacey Musgraves as executive producers, and current country stars Jimmie Allen, Mickey Guyton and Orville Peck involved in the series.

Here is everything that you need to know about My Kind of Country.

My Kind of Country release date 

The new reality series is coming to Apple TV Plus on Friday, March 24.

My Kind of Country features eight episodes. It isn’t specifically said, but Apple TV Plus generally releases episodes weekly instead of releasing the entire season of episodes at once.

My Kind of Country premise

The goal of My Kind of Country is to find the next big country music star, no matter where they are or what they look like. Here is the official synopsis from Apple TV Plus:

"My Kind of Country is a fresh take on a music competition series, breaking down barriers in country music by providing an extraordinary opportunity to diverse artists from around the world. Scouts Jimmie Allen, Mickey Guyton and Orville Peck each hand-pick a roster of exceptional up-and-coming artists and invite them to the home of country music in Nashville, Tennessee, to showcase their unique sound. The winner will receive a life-changing experience from Apple, including global exposure across the Apple TV Plus and Apple Music platforms."

My Kind of Country cast

Three of the biggest names in country music today are headlining the reality series as scouts and mentors for this group of aspiring artists. They are Jimmie Allen, Mickey Guyton and Orville Peck.

Allen is a Grammy, Academy of Country Music and NAACP-nominated artist, best known for his album Mercury Lane, which features hit songs "Best Shot" and "Make Me Want To."

Guyton is also a Grammy, ACM and CMT Music Award nominee, with hits like "Better Than You Left Me" and "Black Like Me." In the trailer for the show, she notes that she was the first Black female singer to earn a Grammy nomination for country music.

Peck has made a name for himself on the country music scene in part because of his appearance, wearing a mask as he performs and makes public appearances. Hailing from South Africa, Peck released his debut album, Pony, in 2019.

My Kind of Country contestants

There are going to be 12 contestants competing in My Kind of Country, broken up into three teams under Allen, Guyton and Peck. We already know who the contestants are and which team they are on, so let’s break it down for you:

Jimmie Allen's Artists

Ale Aguirre

Ale Aguirre on My Kind of Country

(Image credit: Apple TV)

Ale Aguirre is from Chihuahua, Mexico, and infuses bilingual lyrics, mariachi, norteño, banda and other traditional Mexican sounds into her music. She has already gained a loyal following on YouTube. 

Dhruv Visvanath 

Dhruv Visvanath on My Kind of Country

(Image credit: Apple TV)

A multi-instrumentalist, composer, singer-songwriter and producer, Dhruv Visvanath hails from New Delhi, India. In addition to his country music, he has helped score two movies, Sonchiriya with Vishal Bhardwaj and 2019's Blinded by the Light with Oscar-winner A.R. Rahman. 

Camille Parker 

Camille Parker on My Kind of Country

(Image credit: Apple TV)

A US native from Durham, N.C., Camille Parker got her music start singing in her church choir. She then did session recordings for pop and R&B before committing fully to country music, hoping to inspire young Black girls to shoot for their dreams. 

Justin Serrao 

Justin Serrao on My Kind of Country

(Image credit: Apple TV)

Calling South Africa home, Justin came to play country music, after starting off with punk and alternative rock, by listening to foreign country music and being influenced by his father’s personal tastes. His style blends country with rock. 

Mickey Guyton’s Artists

Ashlie Amber 

Ashlie Amber on My Kind of Country

(Image credit: Apple TV)

Using music as an outlet following her father's death, Ashlie Amber has been singing since she was six and her professional resume includes working as a cruise line performer. She is a Nashville native so she should be well-versed in the country music scene.

Chuck Adams 

Chuck Adams

(Image credit: Apple TV)

Though originally from Nashville, Chuck Adams has at times felt like he didn't fit in. He began his career writing rap music, but eventually made the move to his true passion, country music. 

The Betsies (Zel and Landi Degenaar) 

The Betsies on My Kind of Country

(Image credit: Apple TV)

These sisters from a mining town in South Africa were inspired by listening to the albums that their parents had and have been passionate about country music even though it's not the most popular genre in South Africa. 


Wandile on My Kind of Country

(Image credit: Apple TV)

Raised in East London, South Africa, Wandile was actually a professional rugby player before he started his music career in 2010. He uses music to try and reframe harsh memories into better ones. 

Orville Peck’s Artists

Alisha Pais

Alisha Pais on My Kind of Country

(Image credit: Apple TV)

Born in Mumbai/Bombay, India, Alisha Pais found solace in Goa, India, during the pandemic. Performing since the age of 16, Pais' songs are said to have an unflinching rawness and she hopes they can help people connect with their most authentic selves. 

The Congo Cowboys (Julie Sigauque, Simon Atwell and Chris Bakalanga) 

The Congo Cowboys on My Kind of Country

(Image credit: Apple TV)

This South African group blends country music with the music of Africa, including bringing the banjo back to its African roots. The group also performs in both English and Lingala, the official language of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 

Ismay Hellman 

Ismay Hellman on My Kind of Country

(Image credit: Apple TV)

From Petaluma, Calif., Ismay Hellman is a non-binary singer-songwriter. Playing mostly in country and bluegrass styles, they try to infuse the sound and vibes of nature into their music. 

Micaela Kleinsmith 

Micaela Kleinsmith on My Kind of Country

(Image credit: Apple TV)

After watching competition series like this, Micaela Kleinsmith has performed on big stages before, including on South Africa's Idols in 2016. Music has been a way for Micaela to escape the bullying that she suffered as a child and make friends. 

My Kind of Country trailer

Watch the trailer for My Kind of Country directly below to get a sense of some of the inspiring stories these musicians have to tell. 

How to watch My Kind of Country

My Kind of Country is an Apple TV Plus original series, meaning that you need a subscription to Apple TV Plus in order to watch.

The streaming service, which is available globally, offers a seven-day free trial and is still one of the most affordable platforms out there, with no ads either.

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