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'No Return' starring Sheridan Smith: release date, cast, plot, trailer, and all you need to know

Sheridan Smith who's starring in No Return.
Sheridan Smith plays mum Kathy in No Return. (Image credit: David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images)

No Return sees Sheridan Smith star as Kathy, a mum whose life is turned upside down when her 16-year-old son is arrested.

The Cilla star takes center stage in the big new drama which has been written by RTS award-winning screenwriter, Danny Brocklehurst (Brassic, Harlan Coben’s The Stranger, Come Home).

The contemporary drama revolves around themes of “parental love, guilt, grievances, and the issues around consent for teenagers”.

When the show was announced, Sheridan said: “I’m such a big fan of Danny Brocklehurst and Red Production, they make incredible dramas. I was thrilled to be asked to play Kathy in this exciting production and to be at ITV again. Can’t wait to start filming on this thrilling, complex story about a family finding their way through a terrifying situation.”

No return release date

ITV is yet to reveal when No Return will air in the UK. There’s also no word yet on a US release date, either. However, filming has now started on the 4 part drama, which suggests a 2022 release date. Although the drama is set in Turkey, it’s not being filmed there due to current travel restrictions. The drama is instead being filmed in Spain, Manchester, and Bolton.

No return plot

Kathy and her husband Martin take their teenage son Noah and younger daughter Jessica on a luxury break to Turkey. It’s meant to be a chance for the family to unwind, but it soon turns into a horrific ordeal. Noah heads out to a beach party with fellow holidaymaker Rosie, who is staying in the same hotel. It’s unclear exactly what happens next but Noah is arrested and his parents face having to battle for his freedom when he should be taking his exams. What’s the truth of what happened? Can they fight an expensive and alien legal system?

Who’s in the cast?

Sheridan Smith stars as Kathy. Michael Jibson (Quiz, Isolation Stories) takes on the role of Kathy’s husband, Martin. Louis Ashbourne Serkis plays their son, Noah, with Lily Sutcliffe as their daughter Jessica. Jodie Campbell plays holidaymaker Rosie, with Sian Brooke Brooke (Stephen, Good Omens, Sherlock) as Kathy’s sister Megan. Plus David Mumeni (Sliced, Dead Pixels) plays Megan’s husband Steve, Philip Arditti (House of Saddam, Black Earth Rising) is Noah’s legal representative Rico Karvalci, Murat Steven (SOKO Stuttgart) is hotel worker Ismail, and Rufus Hound (Trollied) stars as Private Investigator Al Milner. 

Is there a trailer?

Not yet watch this space!