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Puppy Bowl 2022: Date, dogs and everything we know about the pet-centric event

Puppy Bowl 2022
(Image credit: Discovery)

All due respect to Matthew Stafford of the Los Angeles Rams and Joe Burrow of the Cincinnati Bengals, but they won’t be the cutest players taking the field on Super Bowl Sunday; that description belongs to the adorable dogs taking part in Puppy Bowl 2022. The annual TV special provides an alternative option to the Super Bowl for people who may be bigger fans of pets than the game of football itself.

Puppy Bowl 2022, or Puppy Bowl XVIII (it’s been around long enough that like the Super Bowl it is also being referred to in Roman numerals), is an opportunity to celebrate adoptable dogs and the shelters and rescues that work to help these animals find their forever homes. The delivery method for this will feature more than 100 dogs will play on a faux football field with toys and each other, and maybe even occasionally score a touchdown.

Here is everything you need to know about Puppy Bowl 2022.

When is the Puppy Bowl 2022?

The Super Bowl isn’t the only game on Super Bowl Sunday, as the Puppy Bowl 2022 will take place on Feb. 13 at 2 p.m. ET on Animal Planet, as well as streaming on Discovery Plus.

It’s not just the actual Puppy Bowl either, Animal Planet will have a Puppy Bowl XVIII Pre-Game Show that takes place at 1 p.m. ET, giving viewers the inside scoop on the big game.

Puppy Bowl 2022 dogs

This year’s Puppy Bowl will feature more than 100 dogs from 67 shelters and rescues in 33 states that will make up Team Ruff and Team Fluff. Let’s take a look at the starting lineup:

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Puppy Bowl 2022 Dinozzo

Dinozzo (basset hound/shih tzu mix), Team Fluff Captain (Image credit: Dogist)
Image 2 of 16

Puppy Bowl 2022 Moby

Moby (French bulldog), Team Ruff Captain (Image credit: Dogist)
Image 3 of 16

Puppy Bowl 2022 Kirby

Kirby (Labrador retriever), Team Fluff (Image credit: Dogist)
Image 4 of 16

Puppy Bowl 2022 Surf

Surf (American shepherd and poodle mix), Team Ruff (Image credit: Dogist)
Image 5 of 16

Puppy Bowl 2022 Irwin

Irwin (chihuahua/American pitbull terrier mix), Team Fluff (Image credit: Dogist)
Image 6 of 16

Puppy Bowl 2022 Maisie

Maisie (chihuahua/dachshund mix), Team Ruff (Image credit: Dogist)
Image 7 of 16

Puppy Bowl 2022 Nugget

Nugget (Pembroke Welsh corgi), Team Fluff (Image credit: Dogist)
Image 8 of 16

Puppy Bowl 2022 Hoku

Hoku (American staffordshire terrier/catahoula leopard dog mix), Team Ruff (Image credit: Dogist)
Image 9 of 16

Puppy Bowl 2022 Baxter

Baxter (pug), Team Fluff (Image credit: Dogist)
Image 10 of 16

Puppy Bowl 2022 Ted D Bear

Ted D Bear (goldendoodle), Team Ruff (Image credit: Dogist)
Image 11 of 16

Puppy Bowl 2022 Wasabi

Wasabi (chihuahua/cocker spaniel mix), Team Fluff (Image credit: Dogist)
Image 12 of 16

Puppy Bowl 2022 Odell Barkham

Odell Barkham (beagle/chow chow mix), Team Ruff (Image credit: Dogist)
Image 13 of 16

Puppy Bowl 2022 Birch

Birch (chihauhua/toy fox terrier mix), Team Fluff (Image credit: Dogist)
Image 14 of 16

Puppy Bowl 2022 Pongo

Pongo (dalmatian), Team Ruff (Image credit: Dogist)
Image 15 of 16

Puppy Bowl 2022 Benny

Benny (poodle), Team Fuff (Image credit: Dogist)
Image 16 of 16

Puppy Bowl 2022 Ridley

Ridley (border collie), Team Ruff (Image credit: Dogist)

And here is a link to a gallery of all of the dogs participating in Puppy Bowl 2022.

How to adopt Puppy Bowl 2022 dogs

Many of the dogs that will be competing in the Puppy Bowl have wonderfully already found their forever homes. However, for those that haven’t, the information on the shelters and rescues that they are from will be provided during the broadcast for interested viewers to check out. And even if the pup you have your eye on is already adopted, their shelters will have other dogs available for adoption, possibly including one of their siblings.

For more information, check out’s page on the Puppy Bowl.

Puppy Bowl 2022 hosts

Puppy Bowl 2022 Snopp Dogg Martha Stewart

(Image credit: Animal Planet)

While the stars of the Puppy Bowl are undoubtedly the pups, there are a few humans that will be a big part of the proceedings. Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart are set to serve as both hosts and “coaches” for Puppy Bowl 2022; they previously served as hosts for Puppy Bowl 2021.

“I'm honored to be co-hosting the only sporting event on the planet guaranteed to raise the 'woof', with the magnificent Martha Stewart!”, said Snoop Dogg, who will be coaching Team Fluff.

“I’m so excited that Snoop and I are back to kick off Puppy Bowl XVIII, and help a bunch of deserving pups find their forever homes!”, said Stewart, coach of Team Ruff.

As hosts/coaches, Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart will help call all the action, lead training sessions and run drills with their team’s dogs.

They won’t be the only humans taking part in Puppy Bowl 2022. Dan Schachner is returning to once again serve as the referee for the Puppy Bowl, while celebrity groomer Jess Rona will have all the pups looking their best.

Other Puppy Bowl programming

There will be more than just the Puppy Bowl "game" for fans to enjoy, as Animal Planet and Discovery Plus have a number of programs related to Puppy Bowl 2022 on the docket.

Feb. 12
Puppy Bowl Scrimmage on TikTok, 2 p.m. ET

Get a sneak peek at the pups competing in this year's Puppy Bowl at their Saturday scrimmage, exclusively available on Animal Planet's TikTok.

Puppy Bowl Presents: Puppy Mania

Former NFL star Rashad Jennings, comedian Kym Whitley and a panel of judges present the Puppy Mania trophy. Streaming on Discovery Plus.

Puppy Bowl: Where Are They Now?

Looking at nine former Puppy Bowl competitors and reminiscing on their adorable on-field moments. Streaming on Discovery Plus.

Feb. 13
Puppy Bowl Pregame Show, 1 p.m. ET

Get the scoop on all of this year's Puppy Bowl competitors from expert analysts. There will also be exclusives with both Team Ruff and Team Fluff. Airing on Animal Planet and streaming on Discovery Plus.

How to watch Puppy Bowl 2022

There will be two options for U.S. viewers to watch Puppy Bowl 2022, as the special event will air on Animal Planet and be available to stream on Discovery Plus.

Animal Planet is a cable channel, so subscribers to traditional cable/satellite pay-TV services should check to see if the channel is available on their service or look for one that does carry it. Animal Planet is also available on some live TV streaming services, including FuboTV, Hulu with Live TV and YouTube TV.

Discovery Plus, meanwhile, is the streaming option. The subscription service costs $4.99 per month with ads or $6.99 per month without them. In addition to being available in the U.S., Discovery Plus is available in a range of countries, including the U.K., meaning that the Puppy Bowl should be available to those outside of the U.S. signed up for Discovery Plus.

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