The Traitors season 2: everything we know so far

Claudia Winkleman stood in front of masked contestants in The Traitors
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The Traitors season 2 is already hotly anticipated even though the last series is only just over!

The first series had us glued to our screens across 12 episodes as we watched the contestants in this nail-biting BBC reality series try to uncover who among them were Traitors in order to try and bag up to £120,000 during their stay at a stunning castle in the Scottish Highlands. 

The Traitors went on to become quite a hit with audiences and there was plenty of buzz about the show on social media, so it's no surprise that there are lots of people waiting to find out whether the show's going to make a return. 

Although the second season hasn't officially been confirmed just yet, here are all the latest rumors about The Traitors season 2.  

Has The Traitors season 2 been confirmed? 

At the time of writing, the BBC has not yet confirmed whether The Traitors will be returning for a second series packed full of deception.

However, there could be good news on this front, as the Daily Star (opens in new tab) has reported that we are almost certainly going to see more from The Traitors as it was a "no-brainer" decision given the show's popularity. 

Their insider said: "The Traitors has become a big hit after just a few weeks. It was a no-brainer to commission another series. Everyone is hoping it will be even more popular by next year and become one of the biggest shows on TV", with the Daily Star going on to claim that an official announcement is 'due to be made within days'.

When will The Traitors season 2 release date 

Since the second season has not been officially confirmed just yet, it's difficult to predict when the second series might arrive on our screens. 

If the show is commissioned for a second season and it follows a similar release pattern to the first series, we'd expect to see The Traitors season 2 hit BBC One in November 2023.  In the meantime, you can get caught up with the first series on BBC iPlayer.

Who will star in The Traitors season 2? 

The Traitors host Claudia Winkleman flanked by hooded Traitors.

Claudia Winkleman is rumored to be back on board as the show's celebrity host. (Image credit: BBC)

That same Daily Star report claimed that Claudia Winkleman will be returning as the host for The Traitors season 2, with their insider claiming: "Claudia absolutely loves the show and thinks it's a brilliant format. It's basically a done deal that she'll be back."

Of course, along with Claudia, we'll also need a fresh batch of Faithful and Traitors, though we won't know who they are for some time if the second season is in development.

How does The Traitors work?

The Traitors is a game show that sees a group of contestants taking part in "the ultimate game of truth and deception".

The group of contestants — comprised of 19 Faithfuls and 3 Traitors — are competing for the chance to walk away with the huge cash prize. As the team completes a series of challenges, they're also tasked with trying to figure our who the Traitors are among the group.

Every night, the Traitors gather to "murder" one of the Faithful to remove them from the competition. When the whole group gathers for dinner, they're also given the choice to to remove another player from the show. 

The winners are either the Traitor who remains undetected throughout the show or the Faithfuls if they manage to successfully eliminate all the Traitors. 

Who won The Traitors series 1?

Claudia Winkleman with the final five The Traitors contestants (Kieran, Aaron, Meryl, Hannah and Wilfred)

Claudia with the Final Five. (Image credit: BBC/Studio Lambert Associates/Paul Chappells)

*spoilers ahead*

The three remaining Faithfuls—Hannah, Aaron and Meryl— who'd made it all the way to The Traitors series 1 final managed to walk away splitting a massive prize pot worth £101,050 by successfully rooting out that Wilfred and Kieran were the two Traitors remaining among the final five.

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