'Walking Tudor England'— release date, presenter, trailer, walks, and everything you need to know

Presenter Suzannah Lipscomb in Walking Tudor England
Presenter Suzannah Lipscomb at the Mary Rose Museum (Image credit: Channel 5)

Walking Tudor England is a new six-part historical documentary series presented by historian Professor Suzannah Lipscomb, who takes us on a fascinating journey through the Tudor dynasty.  

Suzannah has previously fronted Tudor period documentaries on Henry VIII and His Six Wives and Henry and Anne: The Lovers Who Changed History, and she once again brings her enthusiasm and award-winning knowledge to the screen in this new series.

Here's everything you need to know about Walking Tudor England...

Walking Tudor England release date

Walking Tudor England will be on 5SELECT on Tuesday 13 July at 9pm. The episodes will also be available to watch on My5.

Where does Professor Suzannah Lipscomb go in Walking Tudor England? 

Suzannah Lipscomb teaches us a wealth of knowledge surrounding the Tudor period, as she begins her trail at Southsea Castle, located on the South Coast in Hampshire. Suzannah reveals that after Henry VIII separated from Rome to marry Anne Boleyn, he constructed over 30 forts in England as coastal defences to protect against the Catholic countries of Europe. Southsea Castle was one of these many coastal defences hastily built for Henry in 1544, due to his fears that the French would attack Portsmouth. 

The historian also pays a visit to the remains of Henry’s favourite warship the Mary Rose, which sank in 1545 in the Battle of the Solent after serving him for 34 years. Almost the entire length of Henry VIII’s reign. 

Plus, Suzannah investigates the English explorer Sir Francis Drake and curiously inquires into how much of a naval hero he was.

Is there a trailer?

Yes! With glimpses of stunning architecture and scenery, Suzannah Lipscomb walks across different parts of Britain to uncover exciting hidden secrets of Tudor history. Introducing the documentary, Suzannah says: “From Henry VII to the Virgin Queen, they were the most important dynasty in our history. I’m Professor Suzannah Lipscomb and I’m taking to foot to explore the Tudors. 

"I’m walking different parts of the country, uncovering hidden secrets and visiting magnificent buildings. To get up close and personal with our Tudor past.” We also see, in the trailer below, Suzannah dressing up as a Tudor queen. 

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