Big Brother Jayne in emergency hospital dash after being hit by a sponge

Jayne Connery, Big Brother

Big Brother housemate Jayne Connery was attended by paramedics and taken to hospital after she was hit by a sponge, but fans were sceptical about her injury

Jayne Connery has secured her place in the Big Brother history books after a dramatic incident with a wet sponge which saw her apparently knocked unconscious – and then rushed to hospital.

Jayne appeared to lose consciousness during a game in the swimming pool, where she was trying to balance on a floating bridge while housemates threw sponges at her.

After she toppled into the pool and floated with her eyes closed, the other contestants realised there was something wrong, with Hughie Maughan shouting: “She’s knocked out!”

Jayne loses her balance

Jayne loses her balance (Channel 5)


Paramedics quickly arrived and attended to Jayne, who was coughing and spluttering by the poolside.

Jayne after the accident

Jayne after the accident (Channel 5)


But suspicious Big Brother fans have drawn parallels between the unlikely accident and another famous TV moment.

Yes, we’re talking about health guru Gillian McKeith’s infamous fainting incident during I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here in 2010, when the prospect of taking part in another gruelling bushtucker trial caused her to collapse to the floor.


The cause of their doubt? According to some viewers, Jayne appeared to tread water while unconscious, keeping herself afloat.

Also, she was wearing a helmet and it was a sponge.


With Jayne then spending five hours away from the Big Brother house so she could visit the hospital, not everyone was convinced this was a good use of resources.

Jackson Blyton, who threw the sponge, was mortified and confessed to Big Brother in the diary room: “I just literally knocked out a 49-year-old woman. With a sponge. I literally thought she was dead. Thought I had killed her.”

Jackson felt bad

Jackson felt bad (Channel 5)


But he did manage to see the funny side when the other played a prank on him.

They told Jackson that Jayne was back from hospital and resting in bed… but when he arrived, it was only sponge-Jayne in a wig.

This is not the real Jayne


Luckily, the real Jayne returned later.

Five hours after the accident, she was back in the house, explaining in the Diary Room: “I’m feeling good now, Big Brother.”


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