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EastEnders' Donna and Fatboy head to the bedroom, but will he be there in the morning?

They might be the most unlikely couple since Ian Beale and Denise Fox (or Denise and Fatboy, for that matter). But unlucky-in-love Donna (Lisa Hammond) finds her fortunes about to change after a night out with Fatboy (Ricky Norwood) in EastEnders.


(BBC/Kieron McCarron)

(BBC/Kieron McCarron)


When the pair go back to her flat, she continues to flirt with him and they finally share a kiss.

With the tension rising, Donna finds herself leading Fatboy to her bedroom.

(BBC/Kieron McCarron)

(Kieron McCarron/BBC)


But will Fatboy stick around the morning after? Find out what happens when the scenes screen on EastEnders, BBC1, on October 13.