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Emmerdale star Eden Taylor-Draper: Belle Dingle is in a mess… Lachlan White has a gun in his hand!

Lachlan White has his hand over the mouth of Belle Dingle in Emmerdale

Could Lachlan kill Belle? Eden Taylor-Draper reveals all…

An unhinged Lachlan has gone to great lengths to cover his tracks after bumping off best pal Gerry, his ‘fake’ Uncle Terry and, of course, most of his own family in Emmerdake. But is next week when his evil deeds will finally be exposed? Or, could he kill Belle Dingle (played by Eden Taylor-Draper)?!

With the police sniffing round, the Tonto teen struggles to keep his cool, and it’s not long before Belle latches on to the horrible truth that she’s been sharing her bed with a killer…

Belle pleads with Lachlan to let her see Sam

Belle Dingle pleads with Lachlan

The cops want to talk to Lachlan after making a discovery that has prompted a murder investigation, putting him into a panic. But they’re not the only ones making him sweat. Priya smelt a rat when she found the partially erased message left by Rebecca at the glamping site and she is now convinced that her former Whingles partner was responsible for the cabin fire.

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Knowing that action is needed if he’s to avoid being rumbled, Lachlan gets to work. But he’s interrupted by Sam. Lachlan takes steps to "dispose" of his latest problem, but things start to unravel when Belle comes across a blood-stained hoodie.

“Lachlan says that he cut himself, but she doesn’t believe him as it’s drenched in blood,” reveals Eden Taylor-Draper, 20, who plays Belle. “She screams at him and he very calmly says, ‘Sam was getting in the way.’ He won’t tell her where her brother is.”

Belle pleads with Lachlan to let her see Sam

Is Sam dead?

Belle tries to bolt, but Lachlan stops her. She pleads with him to let her see Sam and, when he finally relents, Belle is devastated to see the lad seemingly lifeless. Lachlan then forces her to leave the village with him.

So, will Lachlan White kill Belle Dingle in Emmerdale?

“Belle’s in a mess,” explains Eden. “Lachlan has a gun in his hand, her brother is covered in blood, and she has to play her cards right or she could be in danger, too.”

Despite Lachlan once saying he’d do anything to protect her, Belle gets hurt, and she ends up lying in the middle of the road. Will she survive? And will Lachlan finally get his comeuppance?

Emmerdale, featuring Belle Dingle, continues on ITV.