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Andy, Brax and Jake suffer an horrific crash!

Ricky is worried, as she believes that Brax came home to say goodbye and admits to Phoebe that he doesn't know about the baby. Brax and Andy wait patiently for Jake and, when they find him, they become embroiled in a dangerous car chase. Brax forces Jake off the road and his car flips upside down. Brax gets out but as he watches Jake crawl out of the car it explodes.

Denny tells Alf she is ready to come back to work, but Alf tells her take it one day a time. When Denny bumps into Phoebe at the Bait Shop, Phoebe suggests they hang out, but Denny makes her excuses. When Ricky sees Denny sitting on the beach, Denny tells Ricky she is going to try and move on.

When Evelyn sees Maddy and Oscar together she is outraged and tells Maddy she is cold on the inside. Oscar convinces Evelyn to speak to Josh, who tells Evelyn that sleeping with Maddy was a mistake.