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Anna teaches Faye a lesson

When Faye tells Tim she’s missing a school trip to take Miley to the doctors, Tim relents and lets her go. As Faye boards the coach, a group of girls make bitchy remarks, while Jackson ignores her. Anna’s furious to learn Faye pulled a fast one and meets Faye off the school coach and in front of her friends, hands over Miley, telling her to sort her priorities out.

Simon follows Zeedan to his building job. Once there Zeedan trips over Simon’s tennis ball causing the telly to fall from the wall and crush Zeedan’s foot. Having surveyed the damage, Tony sacks him on the spot.

Liz reckons the run-in with the thugs was a one-off. But when Erica advises her to hang on to Tony as he’s one in a million, it gets Liz thinking.

Eileen and Adrian are loved up, so Todd sends Eileen another message from Jeff. Adrian suggests she should delete her dating profile but, egged on by Todd, the temptation to check her messages is too much for Eileen.