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Are Lindsey and Freddie back on?

Mercedes tells Lindsey to go for it with Freddie if it's what she really wants. Freddie bumps into Lindsey at the hospital and tells her he's going to leave before he screws everything up, but he can't do it and they kiss passionately. They're interrupted when Lindsey's pager goes off. She's shocked when a familiar face turns up at the hospital.

Sienna finds out Maxine's pregnant when she answers the phone to the abortion clinic. Sienna questions who the father is and Maxine worries that it might be the guy from the club that Patrick lied about seeing her with.

Dennis is concerned for Dodger when he pines for his relationship with Maxine. Elsewhere, Patrick finds out that his sperm count is practically normal. Later at the flat, Dodger tells Maxine he wishes she'd cheated on Patrick with him again and they kiss.

Trevor sits at Joe's bedside to keep watch, when Joe grabs hiss arm and asks for help. The bad-boy is intrigued when Joe asks if he can 'take care' of Fraser.