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Ashley accuses Laurel of cheating on him!

Laurel Thomas, Ashley Thomas, Marlon Dingle
(Image credit: Andrew Boyce)

At the hospital, Ashley's confusion sees him mistake Laurel and Marlon's friendship for something more…

At the hospital, dementia sufferer Ashley has had another stroke and this time the damage may be permanent. As Marlon arrives to offer his support to Laurel, he's shocked to see the state Ashley is in. But as the chef comforts his ex, Ashley kicks off and angrily accuses the pair of having an affair! Unable to get through to her husband, Laurel leaves – and soon, Ashley escapes the hospital too…

David feels awful when he learns Tracy has been in tears. After insisting to Leyla that his and Tracy's relationship is too strong to break, can he repair it?

Also, Lisa volunteers herself for the role of Mrs Claus at the factory party – and offers up her ex, Zak, to play Father Christmas!