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Audrey admits her feelings for Ken

Nessa calls in the cafe and when she quizzes Roy about Ken, Cathy worries that poor Ken doesn’t stand a chance. Meanwhile, Audrey confides in Rita that she’s grown very fond of Ken, but in so doing feels disloyal to Deirdre. Rita encourages her to seize the day.

Gail arrives back from Milan with Bethany and explains how Sarah decided to stay. When Marion calls at No 8 with a box of Max’s toys, Gail sympathises over the disappearance of Callum, but David’s furious when he finds Marion enjoying a cup of tea with his mum.

Liz lies to Michelle telling her she’s off out with Erica who needs cheering up. When Erica calls in the pub, Liz quickly hustles her out and admits she’s got a date with Tony.

Dev’s impressed to hear that Kevin’s bought one of the arches. Tyrone resolves to give the girls the best Christmas ever. Dev suggests he and Erica meet for a drink.