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Ayesha goes on a date with Sid

(Image credit: BBC)

Ayesha and Sid's date goes well and Ayesha suggests a night cap back at Sid's but he insists they take things slowly. As they leave the restaurant, Ayesha tentatively asks if he's sure he doesn't want to take things further tonight and Sid silences her with a kiss.

Deborah tells Rob her thieving husband Mark went missing after going to burgle a house owned by a taxidermist. They go to the house and meet Rebecca who panics when she realises there is an officer upstairs. Rob is horrified to discover the body of Mark, surrounded by Rebecca's taxidermy tools. As the officers lead Rebecca away, Rob braces himself for breaking the tragic news to Deborah.

Daniel loses his temper when Zara demands he read Michael's research into child development - but she's later thrilled to see Daniel secretly reading it. Meanwhile, Mrs Tembe has another appointment with her chiropractor – and announces she's making it a regular thing.