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Brax and Ash find Billie's car

Ash's sister isn't at Broken Hill, but Ash sees Billie's car drive away and he and Brax follow her. When they lose her, the barman informs them it was Dean's car and gives them Dean's address.

Back in Summer Bay, Andy tells Ricky that Brax has ordered him to take her to her hospital appointment. At the hospital they find out Sophie has drugged Hannah to avoid going to a psychiatric ward. Ricky reschedules her appointment to help Nate spread the word about Sophie's disappearance. Later, Ricky breaks down to Nate as she is petrified Brax his putting himself on the line.

When Hannah wakes up, she tells Nate she tried to administer the drug to Sophie, but she grabbed the syringe and drugged her. Later, Andy tells her he still has feelings for her, but Hannah doesn't respond. Hannah tells Denny she does have feelings for Andy, but Denny doesn't want him around after Casey's death.