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Cameron catches Celine with drugs!

Sienna breaks the news of Dylan’s death to heartbroken Nico. Esther hugs a devastated Trevor and, when Dr S'Avage reveals that security are doing a locker search because drugs have been going missing from the hospital, Celine's clearly agitated. She clears her locker just as a security guard arrives but, as she goes to walk away, she collapses. Celine wakes up in a hospital bed and is caught red-handed when Cameron presents her with the syringe and drugs he's found in her bag. She confesses to taking appetite suppressants - has her eating disorder resurfaced?

Meanwhile, Esther tells Kim to leave her alone, so Lindsey discharges her sister. She's concerned to hear that Esther found videos of Grace on Kim's phone. Sienna worries when Nico storms out of the flat. Nico goes to see Trevor and takes her hurt out on him - when he reaches out, she collapses into his arms. Trevor asks Nico to help pick out a dress for Dylan to be buried in and Nico asks if she can have Dylan's phone - she's intrigued by the messages to and from 'GothBoy98'. Later, Lindsey locks Kim in a room to keep her away from Grace. Kim begs Lindsey to take her to Kath and later is alarmed to receive a message from Dylan's phone: "I'm coming for you GothBoy98".

Tom and Peri reconcile over Dylan's death and, with Nico, promise they'll always be together. Cameron turns up at the McQueens house and, when he catches Celine with the drugs again, he reassures her she's perfect and asks her to move in with him. Later, Cameron bumps into Tom, who tells him to stop Peri giving their baby up for adoption - or he'll tell her about Sam and Danny!

Also, at the hospital, Trevor and Grace arrive and calmly take Curtis from shocked Esther's room. Later, Trevor tells Grace she has to leave because Esther doesn't want her near Curtis - and neither does he!