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Cameron confronts Tegan!

Tegan’s feeling guilty as Leela and Cameron pack up Ste’s possessions following the cocaine incident. Cameron’s suspicious about why Tegan’s defending Ste so, when he overhears her talking about the drugs, he decides to find out the truth. Later, Tegan returns home and it looks like they’ve been burgled. When Cameron confronts Tegan holding a bag of white powder, and she admits the cocaine was hers, Cameron makes her promise not to take anymore or he’ll throw her out!

Meanwhile, Tony and Diane are worried about the fate of The Hutch. Diane hopes they’ll be OK after Tony's meeting with a financial advisor, unaware he's really speaking to Darren about a bet. As Diane confides in Marnie that she wishes they’d accepted her offer to buy the restaurant, Tony turns up and tells Diane they’ve got enough cash to save the business. Marnie’s suspicious, though, and looks through Tony’s phone at all the calls to Darren. Later, Tony tells Diane about his new idea to put a pop-up restaurant in The City Wall – but Darren’s worried about Patrick’s body being discovered….

John Paul gets home after a very successful date with ‘Jake’ but Mrs St Claire is upset that he'd lied to her about being ill and asks him to work during lunch instead of seeing his new man. John Paul’s stunned when Harry reveals that he and Ste have been thrown out of the Lomaxes. John Paul lets them stay at the McQueens’ for a few days and is surprised when Jake turns up at the school. It’s soon revealed that Jake has used John Paul to steal the new laptops. Mrs St Claire decides not to go to the police about the laptops - but why’s she being so nice to John Paul?

Also, Ste and Harry find Myra and Diego in a compromising position…