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Can Alfie help find Peri and Nico in Hollyoaks?


With Peri and Nico still missing, Alfie joins the search party...

As Cameron, Leela, Sienna and Warren team up to find Peri and Nico, Alfie’s stressed worrying about his PET scan results arriving today and offers to help look for the teens as a distraction.

With his telescope, he spots Nico and Peri’s tent and Nancy and Darren panic when they realise there’s an actual search party heading to the same spot where they buried Patrick. Warren finds the teens and, when he's thanked by everyone, he considers whether he really wants to leave again.

At the hospital, Nico’s getting spookily infatuated by Peri, while Alfie’s delighted to hear he’s responding well to chemo.

Also, Kim reaches out to a stressed Jack – but he tells her to mind her own business!