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Carla slaps Tracy!

Robert and Leanne organise a farewell drinks party for Nick and Carla when Tracy drags Robert outside to show him a man replacing Nick’s Bistro sign with a new one. He orders him to stop and Tracy’s excitement quickly turns to anger. She lays into Robert before asking Nick how he can think of marrying an alcoholic, cheating old witch. Carla slaps Tracy as Robert quickly drags her inside.

Gail, David and Bethany are disappointed when Sarah explains Harry has an infection and she won’t be allowed home today. Later, David rows with Gemma about her interfering with Marion, but Gemma defends herself, pointing out that she came to Bethany’s rescue and saw off the school bullies.

Masking her pain, Izzy agrees to accompany Gary and Jake on the Easter egg hunt at the community centre. But she suddenly doubles over in pain and Yasmeen and Gary rush to help.

Michelle arrives back from visiting Steve in Spain and Amy wants to know when her dad is coming home. Meanwhile, Phelan ingratiates himself with Eileen.