Caz kisses Maria in Corrie!

MAria Connor in Coronation Street
(Image credit: Mark Bruce)

Maria Connor is taken aback when a grateful Caz plants a smacker on her in Coronation Street!

When Maria reveals that Aidan’s got her a job interview, Caz instinctively kisses her on the lips. Meanwhile, Kate’s pleased when Aidan reveals he’s trying to get rid of Caz. Aidan’s contact Vanessa interviews Caz but when she explains the job is in Newcastle, Caz turns down the offer.

Maria admits to Audrey and Sophie that Caz kissed her and they fall about laughing. But Maria’s mortified to find Caz has heard every word. When Maria discovers Caz has packed up and left, she enlists Sophie to help search for her.

Beth heads to the police station and forces them to reconsider Craig’s application. Meanwhile, Faye tells Anna that she’s written to Craig’s dad in prison on his behalf. Craig and Beth are furious when they find out and a row erupts as Sinead arrives with a letter for Craig. Beth’s devastated as Craig tears it open and announces that his dad wants to see him.

Billy assures Todd he’d love to live together but it’s not possible. Meanwhile, Billy gets a phone call from his bishop with some disturbing news.

Robert persuades a reluctant Steph to cover for Leanne as Bistro manager. Sean’s is underwhelmed when the factory girls suggest drinks in the Rovers for his 40th birthday.


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