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Caz leaves as Kate breaks Sophie's heart

(Image credit: Joseph Scanlon)

Ordering Sophie to leave, Kate begs Caz’s forgiveness insisting the kiss meant nothing - but Caz tells her it’s over. At No 4, Sophie pours out her heart to Tim who advises her to give Kate a wide berth. As Caz prepares to leave, Kate asks her not to go and insists her kiss with Sophie was just a mistake, leaving an eaves-dropping Sophie heartbroken.

Tim goes to the bistro to make amends with Sally, but as he approaches he’s hurt to hear her boasting about her successful husband and beats a hasty retreat. Sally returns home and rails at Tim for letting her down, but he shouts he overheard her lies and while she was out hobnobbing, he was comforting Sophie.

Chris and Liz enjoy a drink together when Amy enters and Liz persuades her to go along with her little white lie that she is Amy's mum. But Amy lightly blackmails Liz for money to keep quiet...

Aidan tells Michelle that long distance relationships rarely work. Robert finds Tracy in the kitchen elbow deep in soapsuds and they kiss.