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Celine tries to help keep Lindsey's secret

Mercedes arrives back in the village and immediately sees Joe and Lindsey looking loved up. Lindsey worries when Joe finds out about a home visit from the midwife and goes to see Kim, who worries a stressed Lindsey will do something bad. Meanwhile, Esther wants to get Kim moved to an open prison, so asks for Celine and Tegan's help in getting a petition signed.

Celine turns up at the Roscoes' pretending to be on sabbatical as a midwife. She tells Lindsey that Kim said she needed help but she doesn't know any more than that. Joe's convinced by Celine's act but, when Mercedes turns up and sees her cousin posing as a midwife plus Lindsey's huge bump, she wants answers.

Later, Mercedes is shocked when she spots a sinister Lindsey and confides in Esther. As Esther tells Mercedes about the earring that was dropped where she was attacked, they're both stunned when they look up at the poster of Lindsey outside the hospital and realise she's wearing the same earrings – have they just discovered Lindsey's the serial killer?

Also, Freddie stands up to Marnie and tells her neither of them is going to tell Ellie. Freddie arrives to take Ellie on another date and Marnie gives him food for thought – but what does she have on him? Later, Ellie is upset when Freddie breaks up with her.