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Chas kisses Gordon!

Wanting to see Gordon, Chas pretends she’s hungover and sneaks out. As the exes talk about their lives since they split, Chas is left shocked by Gordon’s story. But is Gordon telling the truth? Their chat ends in a kiss – but how will Aaron react if he finds out Chas has been seeing his hated dad and, worse, is falling for him again?

Up at the prison, Debbie visits Charity. When Charity compares her relationship with Cain to Debbie and Ross’ srocky romance, Debbie makes a decision. Later, on her return home, Debbie tells Cain she’s leaving Emmerdale with the kids to make a fresh start elsewhere. After giving Andy an ultimatum, which devastates him, Debbie prepares to make her exit. But when Ross spots her about to leave, will he let Debbie go with all the children?


Laurel’s thrown when Ashley suggests they start looking at care homes so they’re prepared for when his dementia takes hold.