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Chrissie catches Andy half-naked in Emmerdale

Chrissie White, Andy Sugden

Will Chrissie realise Andy's been in bed with her stepmum Bernice?

Having had a huge bust-up with Chrissie, Andy turns to Bernice for support and they end up in the sack! But when Chrissie later calls round to see Andy to try to make up with him, he’s still upstairs in bed with Bernice! Will she realise what’s going on when her man comes to the door half-naked? Lachlan is also having love troubles as he tries to kiss Gabby and is humiliated by his grandad Lawrence.

Having lost tons of money to Pierce during a poker game, Rakesh is in huge financial trouble. Luckily, Rishi saves him by paying off his debt. The bent lawyer is relieved but pretends to be annoyed by Rishi’s helping hand. Needing yet more cash to save himself, Rakesh tells Priya he wants to sell Mill Cottage, pretending he’s doing it so they can have a fresh start.


Elsewhere, Rhona picks up on the chemistry between Marlon and Carly and asks her ex if they’re seeing each other. Chas notices Aaron and Robert are arguing and demands to know what’s going on.